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Zucchini "Orange": characteristics of the variety and recommendations for growing

Zucchini "Orange" is a precocious hybrid, ready for harvesting less than a month and a half after sowing seeds. This new hybrid form of the popular vegetable crop has already become very popular among gardeners due to the excellent taste and unusual external data of the fruits.

Characteristics and features of the variety

The bushes are compact and powerful enough. Fruits are rounded, with a bright, orange color, peel. The average diameter of the ripened fetus does not exceed 15-17 cm. The pulp is tender and juicy, with a slightly sweet taste.

Due to its unusual shape, the variety is in demand for stuffing, as well as for whole-canning. Very tasty and tender pulp with a nutty finish is successfully used in raw form for the preparation of all kinds of salads and cold appetizers.

Growing technology

It’s not difficult to grow a rich crop of vegetable marrow of the hybrid form “Orange”, but some nuances of cultivating this early-ripening and popular vegetable in our country should be taken into account:

  • in order to guarantee high rates of germination and get the most strong plants, the seed must be subjected to preliminary disinfection in a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate;
  • proper cultivation of this vegetable crop involves preplant seed treatment in a solution of growth stimulants, followed by germination in moist tissue;
  • in open ground, seedlings in household plots in central Russia are recommended to be planted no earlier than mid-May, providing plants with shelter in the form of a garden film;
  • plants should be planted exclusively in cloudy weather or in the evening, which will facilitate survival and accelerate the rooting of vegetable crops;
  • covering material can be removed from plants only after the threat of late spring frosts has passed.

How to plant zucchini

Further care for zucchini and involves the following activities:

  • for irrigation, water heated in the sun is used;
  • irrigation of plants should be carried out exclusively under the root;
  • after irrigation and rains it is very important to produce surface loosening of the soil, which will improve its air permeability and prevent the formation of soil crust;
  • To reduce the amount of watering and protect the ovaries and fruits from decay, experienced vegetable growers recommend mulching the soil around the bushes of the vegetable marrow with hay or straw;
  • ridges with zucchini regularly need to weed, removing all weeds.

It is very important to carry out fertilizer application in a timely manner. Top dressing is important for maintaining productive ability and obtaining a better and more abundant crop of early vegetable products:

  • before the flowering stage, it is necessary to feed the squash with a solution in the form of 500 ml of mullein and a tablespoon of nitrophoska diluted in a bucket of water (the standard consumption of such feeding for one plant is one liter);
  • at the flowering stage, it is recommended to feed the plant with diluted wood ash (30 g per bucket of warm water);
  • at the fruiting stage, zucchini bushes are fed with a nitrophoska solution at the rate of 30 g of the drug per bucket of water.

A very good result is shown by the use of green fertilizer - nettle infusion as a top dressing for vegetable crops. To make it is very simple: you need to pour 1 kg of nettle 10 liters of water and insist in a closed bucket for a week, after which you need to add a tablespoon of wood ash to the mixture.

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Reviews of gardeners

According to the observation of most gardeners, a hybrid called "Orange" is very early and forms a commodity yield in just over a month. Very good is growing this vegetable crop through seedlings.

Plants have a very bushy form suitable for growing, powerful, with a large number of fruit ovaries. Completely ripened fruits have a characteristic bright yellow color and a spherical shape. The raw pulp of the fruit is slightly sweet, with a light nutty flavor, which gives the cooked dishes a very spicy and pleasant taste.

How to grow zucchini

Judging by the numerous reviews of vegetable growers, the “Orange” zucchini is very unpretentious, and the observance of agricultural technology and the presence of soil and climatic conditions that are optimal for plant growth and development allow for the highest possible yield. The modern hybrid form has worked well in the northern regions of our country, but is most in demand in the home gardening of Central Russia.