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Zucchini "Aeronaut": characteristics of the variety and features of agricultural technology

Zucchini "Aeronaut": characteristics of the variety and features of agricultural technology

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"Aeronaut" is an early ripe variety of zucchini for universal use. Only a month and a half passes from the phase of full germination to the first harvest of a ripened crop. Description of this variety is well known to vegetable growers. The variety has become very popular among gardeners in our country due to features such as long-term preservation by the fruits of freshness and high nutritional values ​​of zucchini.

Description and varietal characteristics

Zucchini "Aeronaut" forms fruits of dark green color, aligned cylindrical in shape, with a smooth surface. The delicate and juicy white flesh is covered with a thin, fragile, green skin. The average length of the marketable fruit does not exceed 14-15 cm.

The dry solids content in the pulp is about 5.2-6.9% with a sugar content of 2.6-5.4%. The mass of marketable fruit does not exceed 1.3-1.5 kg. The characteristic features of this variety are the attractive appearance of the fruit, resistance to powdery mildew, as well as the high taste qualities of zucchini, which are preserved during transportation. Indicators of total productivity, subject to the requirements of agricultural technology, reach 7-7.8 kg / sq. m

The plant is a bush type, with a rather short main shoot and a small number of lashes. The bushes are very compact, which allows to save the landing area on the infield without loss of yield indicators. The standard planting scheme for a vegetable crop of this variety is 40 × 50 cm. The variety is suitable for cultivation, both in open and in protected ground.

Zucchini "Aeronaut": grade description

Landing site requirements

Zucchini of the popular Aeronaut variety is relatively unpretentious in care and is not demanding on growing conditions. The best for planting this vegetable crop are sunny and windless areas with fertile and loose soils, characterized by neutral pH values.

Particular attention should be paid to crop rotation. You can’t grow squash after pumpkin, and also sow this vegetable crop for several years in a row on the same site. In addition, it is necessary to strictly follow the optimal planting scheme, which will provide the plants with the nutritional area necessary for growth, development and abundant fruiting.

If necessary, enrichment of the soil on the site should be carried out by introducing manure, peat and humus during the autumn deep digging. Areas with too acidic soils must be subjected to artificial liming.

Watering and feeding

Zucchini under the unusual name "Aeronaut" is very responsive to competent fertilizer application and systematic irrigation. Irrigation measures are especially important for this vegetable crop at the stage of ovary formation and fruit loading. Too plentiful watering provokes excessive accumulation of moisture in the fruits, which negatively affects their quality characteristics and dramatically reduces the shelf life of the crop.

When growing zucchini, it should be remembered that in the process of planting a vegetable crop in the wells, you can not make fresh manure. Violation of this rule often provokes excessive plant growth of green mass and the emergence of various root diseases.

During the growing season, any kind of zucchini needs three main top dressings. The first feeding is carried out at the stage of flowering plants and involves the use of nitrogen-containing fertilizers. In the future, organic fertilizers can be used for feeding, and preference should be given to diluted slurry or bird droppings. When used for feeding mullein, the solution is prepared at the rate of 1 kg per 10 liters of water. Ready-made fertilizer is applied in an amount of 1 liter per each vegetable marrow bush.

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Reviews and advice for vegetable growers

According to the observations of summer residents, the bushes of domestic squash Aeronaut are quite compact, without lashes, but can occupy a significant area due to very large leaves, which should be taken into account when choosing a planting scheme for this vegetable crop.

Reviews of gardeners characterize this variety as very cost-effective. A very large number of fruits are formed on each bush. In the timely cutting of young fruits, it is possible to obtain at least 25-30 zucchini from one bush during the season. It should be remembered that when fruits are overgrown and agricultural technology is not observed, coarsening of the skin is often enough observed.

How to plant zucchini

The fruits are distinguished by a cylindrical shape and a thin skin, which is very convenient to peel off when preparing any dishes. The disadvantages of this variety include not too long storage of fruits. Subject to the optimal temperature regime, the harvested crop can remain maximum until the end of autumn.


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