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"Commander" as a means of protection against the Colorado potato beetle

"Commander" as a means of protection against the Colorado potato beetle

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I bought the drug Commander, processing potatoes, according to the instructions, should be carried out before the flowering of the culture begins. Tell me, is it effective, does it remain in potato tubers?

The Colorado potato beetle has become a real problem in the gardens. The “Commander” remedy can be a salvation from it, the processing of potatoes by this dressing agent is carried out not only during the growth period of the vegetable, but also before planting the tubers.

The composition of the insecticide includes the main active ingredient imidacloprid. A distinctive quality of the drug is a particularly pronounced effect. Liquid substance penetrates every part of the planting, including the root system.

The described chemical product belongs to universal insecticides, it brilliantly relieves cultural plantings of the Colorado potato beetle, aphids and other pests. In addition, the long-term effect of the drug does not decrease in the hot period and on rainy days. The protective properties of the effective drug remain in the plant for up to 55-60 days.

Many gardeners believe that to protect the crop from pests, one treatment is enough, which is best done before the flowering of plants begins. The tool "Commander" has a detrimental effect not only on adult parasites, but also on their larvae.

Carrying out intimidating manipulations with the “Komandor” protective agent, it is worth observing safety measures, as the active substance (imidacloprid) refers to poisons of moderate action.

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