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Low dahlias: variety selection, planting and care

Low dahlias: variety selection, planting and care

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Hello! Please tell us which stunted dahlias are suitable for growing in floor vases or for edging flower beds? What is the best way to propagate this border flower in order to enjoy the flowering of your favorite dahlia in subsequent years?

Low dahlias are flowers whose growth is not more than 55-60 cm. Dwarf varieties have become the most popular not only due to the compactness and variety of inflorescences. There is no need to form and support them. Caring for undersized plants is simple, just prepare the right soil mixture, water it in a timely manner and give the flowers good lighting. For early flowering, the planting of seeds or tubers takes place in early March.

In the vegetative period, dwarf plants almost do not require care. Growing such flowers is a pleasant experience.

This category of flowers is rich in names. Florists have long loved Berliner kleene and Margareth kleene. In our country they are called “Berlin baby” and “baby Margaret”. Dahlias attract with their pastel colors and friendly flowering.

Dwarf forms include dahlias “funny guys”. They have a bright color, miniature dahlias of this variety can be simple, terry and semi-double. Bloom from July to the very frosts.

The varieties of the "galley" group are very popular; they were produced at the end of the 20th century by a Dutch company. Flowers up to 14 cm in diameter, plant height - 35 cm.

Cactus dahlias look wonderful in pots, spherical, under the name “Ohio”, collage “Alstergruss” and decorative “Virginia”. These “crumbs” have a diverse palette and are not inferior in beauty to large dahlias. It is worth mentioning that the figaro variety is early, the plant is compact, beautiful, reaches no more than 30 cm.

Dahlias "Funny Guys": planting and care

In order for a dahlia of a favorite variety to please the grower from year to year, and not just in the photo, it is better to keep the tubers of the plant in the winter. In spring, root tubers are divided into parts and planted in the ground. Of course, you can collect seeds in the fall, and in the early spring to grow a perennial plant through seedlings, but it is worth remembering that hybrid varieties lose their properties in the process of propagation.