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Will tomatoes be of benefit to green peas

Will tomatoes be of benefit to green peas

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Hello dear gardeners! I planted green peas in March, which I collected yesterday. I want to make mulch for tomatoes from green peas! Will my peas, which are still green, even have flowers on some bushes, benefit from green pea tops? Thank you very much in advance to all who responded! Have a good harvest!


greens are generally not recommended as a mulch to use ... there may be insects that will then move to your tomatoes ...

People! Where did you get this nonsense? I thought they were either peeling green peas, or they were going to freeze ... and then there ... Well, think for yourself ... moisture, heat, whipping and rotting and fungi will be planted. There is no word!

Peas are rich in nitrogen. After complete collection, it is good to dig it into the ground. He will be like a sederat. But the benefit will be next year. I planted cucumbers with peas on the same bed. Sooooo cucumbers like this neighborhood. Pea is a good fertilizer, but like any organic matter, it needs to be re-grown.

Peas are often sick with viral diseases and mice love him

Mulch is generally very useful. It retains moisture, prevents the soil from overheating, and provides nutrition to soil microorganisms. You can mulch any greens and pea tops including. It is rich in nitrogen. Nothing will rot in you. The tops have already dried up for a couple of days and become hay.

Anyuta, thank you, you are the only one who understood me. :)

Natalia, so I was just going to use the tops for mulch. I use peas for cans myself, I didn’t manage to collect them as green as seeds for the next year

Marina, I have no mice in the garden, here the cats exterminated everyone. :)

Lana, I also planted them next door, and corn on the other hand, and I don’t see any benefit, I have foliage on cucumbers than I didn’t get sick. :(

very strange I have very good bushes. I will also fertilize with peas, though in the fall. Bury it in the ground. True, I have a part in a greenhouse of peas and a part on the street. So that's what peas are not Akhovsky on the street. But in the greenhouse with cucumbers, chic, like cucumbers

you probably aren’t as hot as mine, here in the afternoon the thermometer shows about 40, no greenhouse is needed :)

Well, that is a given . I am from St. Petersburg

Any greens are good, if only the layer was thicker, so that it was wet under it and this greens decompose, I’ve been searching for organics for mulch all summer, like a maniac already))

Our earth is very burning and cracking hard! How much do not water Even it is not possible to loosen it like that, it’s easy with a stone! So you must put down the mulch! Do not put fresh ones on, let the day dry!

I took a summer cottage for rent in 2014, so I had a greenhouse there and the hostess had seeds, I started to work in the garden in March, from August to October all the neighbors went to me for pickles and tomatoes :)

Well, I'm still a loser in these matters, of course. But thanks to the forum and the advice of members of the forum I made friends with many plants this year. One of them is pepper. I couldn’t raise him for two years. He was ill for a long time and eventually died. And this year is what happened

true greenhouse looks more like a jungle now

I’m still a loser with peppers and eggplant. :) but in St. Petersburg I just planted it and it all worked out somehow, there was a pond with crucian carp so I nodded a greenhouse from there, it was very convenient, a couple of meters literally. :)

the jungle isn’t good! but God forbid you will have good harvests! good luck with your endeavors! I advise you to try growing watermelons in a greenhouse, in my red pine forest (where I rented a summer cottage) I got pretty sweet 20-32cm watermelons. :)

Thanks you . And planted watermelons on the campus ridge for the sake of interest. She covered them with cover, sort of like

if possible, give them an infusion from chicken manure, I did it from a bird, they really love it!