Raspberries "Kuzmina News": basic requirements for growing

Raspberries "Kuzmina News": basic requirements for growing

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Raspberry "Kuzmin News" is one of the oldest and time-tested semi-permanent varieties. This popular variety was obtained by Ufa breeder-experimenter Nikanor Vonifatievich Kuzmin. As a parent pair of plants, the American variety Cuthbert and the domestic raspberry variety called Smolenskaya were involved in the crossing. Received in the city of Vetluga, Nizhny Novgorod region in 1880.

Grade description

In the presence of the most favorable soil and climatic conditions, raspberries of the Novosti Kuzmina variety form strong-growing, sprawling plants. When cultivating varieties in less comfortable conditions, including the northern regions and the Non-Chernozem region, raspberry bushes have an upright shape and reach a height of 2−2.5 m. Plants have a small amount of basal shoots and arched shoots with a characteristic overhanging upper part.

A medium-ripening variety, it has increased self-fertility and stable yield. The berries have a dull pinkish-red color, without a pronounced aroma. The berries are medium in size, and the standard weight does not exceed 2-4 g. The shape is oblong, obtuse.

The ripe berry flesh is very juicy, tender and has a pleasant sour-sweet aftertaste. Drupe is dense, heap, non-crumbling. Berries are easily separated from the stem, but are not prone to shedding. Harvesting is carried out as they mature. Harvested is not subject to storage and transportation, is widely used for making jam, compotes or juices.

According to the description, this variety is characterized as very unpretentious and hardy. Perfectly suitable for cultivation on personal plots and garden plots. It is in demand for fresh consumption, due to good taste. Perfect for beginners and inexperienced gardeners.

Raspberry: a selection of varieties

Landing rules

Raspberries of the Novosti Kuzmina variety should be planted in previously prepared, deeply dug sections protected from gusty winds. Planted seedlings must be completely healthy and well formed. Plants should not show signs of disease or pest damage.

The main requirements for planting raspberries "Kuzmina News" on personal plots are as follows:

  • the highest productivity is achieved when cultivated on fertile, loose and moist soil;
  • optimal soil for raspberry cultivation has a pH of 5.5-6.5 and sufficient, but not excessive moisture;
  • to neutralize too acidic soil, 500 g of limestone flour should be added when digging for each square meter of clay and loamy soil, and 300 g of limestone flour to improve sandy soil;
  • two weeks before planting raspberry bushes, it is recommended to add wood ash or slaked lime to clay and loamy soils, as well as completely clear the area of ​​weed vegetation;

  • as organic fertilizers, it is preferable to use manure, humus or humus, at the rate of 1 bucket for each square meter;
  • for planting, a trench should be prepared, but you can dig out the pits for each raspberry bush, and the standard sizes should be 30-40 cm with a width of 30 cm;
  • It is recommended to plant raspberry seedlings in a two-row way, with a row spacing of 0.7-1.2 m. The optimal distance between the bushes should be at least 0.5 m.

Raspberries are planted in spring or autumn. It is best to plant plants in the fall - in late September or early October.

After planting, it is required to produce abundant watering of plants at the rate of 30–40 l per square meter. It is very important to establish supports and grow this raspberry variety in a trellis way.

Growing recommendations

Raspberry "Kuzmin News" is undemanding, perfectly adapts to almost any soil and climatic conditions and needs minimal care. However, it is possible to obtain the highest possible yield only if all the requirements of agricultural technology are met:

  • if before planting the soil was sufficiently fertilized, and also has optimal indicators of looseness and fertility, then in the first two years, the application of a large amount of fertilizer is not required;
  • at the stage of active berry formation and ripening, it is recommended to feed raspberry bushes of this variety with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, including wood ash and superphosphate;
  • plentiful watering should be carried out regularly, especially during the flowering period and the formation of the crop;
  • in the process of annual sanitary pruning, it is necessary to correctly remove all weak, diseased or damaged shoots.

In the midland of Russia, this variety has a great winter without shelter. In more northern regions, experts recommend bending down raspberry shoots and fixing them at a height of 30–35 cm.

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Gardeners reviews

Raspberries of the Novosti Kuzmina variety are very hardy and unpretentious and, according to gardeners, grows well and bears fruit in most regions of the middle strip, on various types of soil. A fairly high yield is observed even on scarce soils, but abundant and regular watering is necessary. The variety is unstable to most of the most common diseases and is often affected by pests.

In addition to exceptional winter hardiness and the ability to tolerate winter cold without shelter, the cultivar is characterized by high self-fertility rates. According to experienced gardeners, with proper care, the average yield from every hundred raspberries reaches 60–80 kg. The average yield from the bush is not more than 1.5−2 kg.

How to plant raspberries

If highly productive raspberry varieties are used as pollinating plants, a sharp increase in productivity is observed. The variety is especially appreciated for its excellent winter hardiness and resistance to viral diseases, botritis and anthracnose.


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