Growing strawberries on the windowsill all year round

Growing strawberries on the windowsill all year round

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Removable garden strawberries, or strawberries, on the windowsill can be grown all year round with minimal time and effort. Of course, growing a berry culture on a window, or rather on a windowsill, implies the right choice of variety, as well as observing the care technology, not only in summer but also in winter.

Variety Selection Criteria

Before growing garden strawberries at home, one should take into account the fact that not all varieties are suitable for cultivation in closed ground. To grow at home not only a beautiful and strong, but also the most productive plant, It is recommended to give preference to the most unpretentious and shade-tolerant repairing varieties of garden strawberries. At home, you can grow almost any kind of strawberry, but among the best in taste and yield indicators, remontants are most often mentioned.

Grade nameBotanical DescriptionBerry characteristicAdvantagesVarietal flaws
"Everest"High-yielding and very promising French variety, forming medium-sized and compact plantsMedium and large sizes, light red color, pleasant sour-sweet tasteHigh level of winter hardiness, good yield and taste quality characteristics of the berryMedium pest and disease resistance
CardinalVery powerful bushes, with large glossy leavesLarge, spindle-shaped, red with shine, dessert flavorResistance to damage by gray fruit rot and spotting. Harvest is well transported and stored. The variety is suitable for vertical cultivation.The risk of powdery mildew, the complexity of reproduction by rosettes at home
"Queen Elizabeth II"Powerful plants, compact type, quickly entering into flowering and fruitingLarge or very large, bright red, with dense and tasty pulp, suitable for transportationIt has sufficient winter hardiness and high productivityNeeds proper care and uninterrupted introduction of nitrogen and potassium
"Forest Tale"Medium-sized plants, quite compact, with a significant number of pedunclesSmall size, dark red color, conical shape, with juicy and pleasant pulpHigh palatability of berries and pronounced berry aromaAlmost completely absent
World DebutA pink-colored version of a remontant garden strawberry with long pedunclesLarge with attractive red color and excellent berry aromaHigh productivity and large-fruited, as well as decorativeInsufficiently high resistance to certain diseases and pests

Seed Growing Rules

To obtain high-quality seedlings of garden strawberries from seeds, you should prepare planting pots or boxes with drainage holes, as well as nutritious soil and choose the right place for growing. The soil for sowing should be loose, and also pass well not only moisture, but also air to the root system of plants. You can make the soil mixture yourself by mixing in equal proportions the turf land, peat and coarse sand. To disinfect the soil, it is calcined in the oven for 1/2 hour at a temperature of 150-160 ° C.

Strawberry: growing on the windowsill

To obtain the highest quality seedlings, it is recommended that seeds be soaked for 48 hours on a damp cloth before planting. Then the seeds should be distributed over the surface of a well-moistened soil, with which seedlings are filled. Ready landing containers with crops must be covered with plastic wrap and placed in a warm and well-lit place, at a temperature of 20–22 ° С. Before the emergence of seedlings, it is necessary to maintain the soil in a moist state, producing regular irrigation with warm water from the spray gun.

Subject to sowing technology and temperature conditions, the first shoots of garden strawberries appear after about two to three weeks. Before the appearance of five true leaflets, daily ventilation and systematic watering should be carried out. After the formation of five or six of these leaves, the seedlings are dived into separate containers, the volume of which should not be less than 2.5-3 liters.

Care in summer and winter

In order to get the most out of the strawberry crop when grown on the windowsill, it is very important to create the most suitable conditions for the berry culture for full growth and normal development. It is recommended to place strawberry on the windows facing the south or southeast side. In winter, plants need to provide artificial lighting in the form of daylighting with fluorescent lamps. Full development and fruiting of the berry culture is impossible without creating lighting at the level of 12-14 hours a day.

It is important to adhere to the optimal temperature regime, which cannot be lower than 18−20 ° С throughout the entire growing season. If necessary, electric heaters and devices for humidification of air are used. However, it should be remembered that excessive humidity often causes damage to plants by various fungal infections. For strawberries in home gardening, top dressing is very important, due to the limited area of ​​nutrition berry culture. Fertilizers should be applied twice a month, using universal complex fertilizers without a high nitrogen content for this purpose.

Quite often, at home, strawberry plantations are attacked by a plant parasite such as a spider mite, there is a fairly high risk of gray fruit rot. A good prophylactic is a tincture based on crushed garlic with the addition of laundry soap and red pepper, which should be sprayed with plants at the first sign of damage. On too hot and sunny days, garden strawberries grown on southern windows may need shading, which will reduce the risk of burns to the foliage of the berry culture.

When grown indoors, attention should be paid to the fact that strawberries need artificial pollination. For this purpose, you can use the usual watercolor brush with the softest pile. Using such a brush, a simple pollination event is carried out, which consists in transferring pollen from one flower to another. The procedure is best done in the morning.

The reasons for the lack of fruiting

It is easy to guess that the home conditions for growing strawberries are far from ideal, and you will need to use all agricultural techniques to achieve decent fruiting. The complete absence of fruiting when growing a berry culture at home can be the result of the following violations of the technology and botanical characteristics of the plant:

  • untimely planting does not allow plants to lay full-fledged flower buds to form a crop;
  • the lack of full-fledged irrigation measures often negatively affects the fruiting ability of garden strawberries;
  • insufficiently correct procedure for artificial pollination of plants;
  • violation of the temperature regime or humidity indicators in the room for growing garden strawberries.

How to plant strawberry seeds

The reason for the lack of fruiting may also be the acquisition of low-quality planting material, represented by a weedy variety of berry culture. Such plants form an abundant amount of barrenness in the complete absence of ovary formation.