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How to get rid of scale insects on indoor plants

How to get rid of scale insects on indoor plants

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Good day to all! Help get rid of scabies on indoor plants, I just can not overcome this infection.


Try Fitoverm

To process each leaf with a soap solution until you remove the whole bjak and repeat it in a week, or with a weak alcohol solution, but it dries the plant very much, the soap solution helped me more.

Aktara. Fast, reliable, odorless and dancing with a tambourine

thanks. I will try. that infection, spread already to the second flower. In general, I was advised to throw out the infected flowers and start new ones, such as it would be easier to do this than to lime this dirty trick

Only water and spray the actar (under the package). Wipe with vodka every other day. In winter, she brought it with a new plant for three weeks, struggled and brought out. To remove the infected flowers away.

Broad-acting insecticide. To spill the earth with them, the plant drinks its roots, and the scabbard drinks this juice from the plant and is etched

Actar is not a fumigation action, does not require shelter package. Rubbing with alcohol is a mockery of the plant in the first place. Exactly for this, in order not to injure the plants with their “healing” procedures, systemic insecticides against sucking and gnawing insects were made. Everything is written in the instructions - pest, concentration, processing method, frequency of treatments, etc.

totally agree with you! Quickly, reliably, and so on ... The scale shield and the FLOWER together with it have died! The flower was not alone; there was a group of comrades with it. A wonderful tool.

more details - what kind of pest, degree of damage, previous actions, form of the drug, how was it used

it all doesn't matter anymore. I just totally agree with you;)

the importance of principle, because I use this drug without complaints. You have such a negative reaction, and most likely it’s not an act. The drug is not phytotoxic even in high doses.