Characteristics of the Cinderella tomato variety, cultivation features

Characteristics of the Cinderella tomato variety, cultivation features

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We present to your attention the Cinderella tomato, which fully complies with the requirements that domestic plant-growing masters impose on this culture. It belongs to the category of hybrid. Zones of traditional cultivation are located in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. Our climate is peculiar, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, and during one summer season. In such difficult conditions, it is not so easy to choose the variety of tomatoes that would easily endure all weather whims and give a “bang” a high yield of vegetables so beloved by all of us.

Features of the Cinderella variety

The main thing is that the Cinderella tomato has a wonderful taste. In addition, he:

  • unpretentious in terms of soil;
  • ripens rather quickly compared to similar crops;
  • refers to unsaturated plants;
  • suitable for fresh consumption and for salting;
  • after removal from the bush, it is stored for a long time (the fruit can be plucked unripe, and then brought to condition on the windowsill).

So, Cinderella is an early ripe (up to 3 months), undersized (up to half a meter), fruitful (up to 15 kilograms per square meter) variety, what else is needed for complete happiness?

The first inflorescence appears above the 6th leaf, and the subsequent ones after about 2 leaves. Each of them is obtained with a stalk articulation. There are usually about five fruits on the hand. The bush is sprawling to the sides.

Especially amicably, the tomato bears fruit in the first two weeks after the appearance of the first fruit, so you should not yawn in any case.

Fruit characteristics

We begin the description of the fruits with the fact that they are streamlined in shape, smooth to the touch, when ripe they acquire a pronounced red color.

Usually they are removed from the bush in a mature state for fresh testing, for cutting into a vegetable salad. And closer to autumn, these vegetables are harvested for conservation.

When cutting a tomato, you can see 3-4 chambers inside, filled with pulp, juice and seeds, the chambers are separated by thick partitions.

The characteristic would be incomplete without this information: the fruits perfectly tolerate long-term transportation in transport, the main thing is to carefully put them in boxes.

Pest control

Thanks to early ripening, the Cinderella variety manages to avoid the attack of phytophthora in general. In addition, it is resistant to things like:

  • tobacco mosaic virus (one of the most dangerous pests for nightshade crops);
  • fungi such as Alternaria and Fusarium;
  • top rot of fruit.

How to plant?

In early March, seeds are planted for seedlings to a depth of one and a half to two centimeters. A pick is made when 1-2 leaves appear. A couple of times they are fed with complex fertilizers. A week before planting on the beds, young tomatoes are taken out into the fresh air and hardened.

And yet, plants of such varieties are moved to the place of permanent dislocation when the night frosts pass.

The bushes are planted according to the scheme: 50 by 40 centimeters, and the planting density is 5-8 plants per square.

In the process of growing the culture, gardeners do all the necessary work: they regularly water, loosen, weed, feed with mineral fertilizers.

The Cinderella tomato variety is included in the Russian state register for garden plots, home gardens and small farms.

Variety reviews

Seed sellers argue that varieties such as Cinderella are not stale on the counter, so at least they are worthy of respect.

The consumers themselves are delighted with the taste of the fruit and its other positive qualities. Reviews on the Internet are entirely with a plus sign. It's worth trying to grow a Cinderella tomato, isn't it ?!

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