Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Moscow delicacy, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Moscow delicacy, its yield

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High-yielding tomatoes Moscow delicacy are distinguished by an unusual, elongated fruit shape and a pleasant taste reminiscent of sweet peppers. Tomatoes are ideal for all types of canning. They have earned positive reviews for their attractive presentation and original taste.

Characteristics of the variety "Moscow delicacy"

Seed producers often, as a result of selection experiments, obtain several plants with given parameters, but with a number of differences.

The series "Moscow delicacy" includes tomatoes with red and striped fruit, and hybrid tomato Moscow delicacy creamy F1 - yellow. They have the same, pepper-like fruit shape, all without exception are high-yielding, with an average ripening period. They differ in tomato color and some flavor characteristics. Description of the variety and characteristics:

  • the variety is tall, belongs to the category of indeterminate, reaches a height of 140-190 cm;
  • the plant intensively grows green mass from lateral shoots and large leaves;
  • forms inflorescences of simple and intermediate types, the first is laid above the level of the ninth leaf;
  • the variety belongs to the category of mid-season with a growing season of at least 120 days;
  • the yield is very high. 4-6 kg of tomato are harvested from the bush;
  • fruits are two-chambered, elongated, pepper-shaped, red;
  • striped tomatoes "Moscow delicacy" are colored dark red with brownish-green stripes and splashes;
  • tomatoes of the Moscow cream delicacy have a bright yellow, almost lemon color and beak-shaped tip;
  • tomatoes have a sweet tomato flavor with peppery notes. Very aromatic. Weight from 80 to 150 g;
  • fruits do not lose their presentation up to 1.5 months after harvest, they tolerate transportation well;
  • used for fresh food and canning (pickling, pickling, tomatoes in their own juice, lecho, mashed potatoes, salads). Reviews speak of the excellent quality of food and winter preparations.

"Moscow delicacy" and all its variants belong to the category of thermophilic, tall plants that are grown in greenhouses with the obligatory tying of the stems. The successful cultivation of the variety in open ground can only be done in the southern regions.

Important! At the initial stage, tomato seedlings need to comply with the regime of the day and night. Additional lighting in the daytime and a decrease in nighttime temperatures by 5-6 degrees will prevent the plants from stretching and getting sick.

Growing and caring for the variety

Varietal characteristics, their characteristics and description form a number of rules, without which it is difficult to get a decent harvest.

Growing seedlings

The quality of the seedlings grown in compliance with the regime of day and night temperatures, lighting, dosed watering and fertilizing will become a reliable guarantor of a good harvest.

  1. They begin to plant seeds for seedlings 60-65 days before the planned planting in the greenhouse. This is mainly the month of March. The date largely depends on the climatic conditions of the region and the quality of the greenhouse shelter.
  2. Seeds are prepared by disinfection in a manganese solution and treatment with a growth stimulant.
  3. They are planted in moist soil, deepening by 2 cm. Seedlings should be expected after 5 days.
  4. Plants dive with the appearance of the first true leaf, seating them in separate containers.
  5. Seedlings need moderate watering and feeding. At the initial stage, especially in cloudy weather, backlighting is required to prevent the stems from stretching.

For those who have planted tomatoes more than once, these rules will not seem too complicated. But they should not be ignored either. Observing the regimes of day and night, moisturizing the soil in time, you can get high-quality healthy seedlings, ready for any stress.

A feature of indeterminate varieties is intense, almost unlimited growth. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct formation of the bush: removal of lateral shoots, excess foliage and timely limitation of stem growth.

We transplant the tomato to a permanent place

There are no special secrets in the agricultural technology of growing the Moscow delicacy tomato variety.

  1. Seedlings are planted in the greenhouse in May. The recommended layout is 70 x 50 cm, which is about 3-4 plants per square meter.
  2. We grow tomatoes by tying them to trellises or vertical supports.
  3. As it grows, leaves are removed from the lower part of the stem to a height of 60-80 cm. This measure improves air exchange, prevents the spread of fungal diseases, does not divert the strength of the plant from the main task - the formation of ovaries.
  4. The bush is formed into 2-3 stems, leaving 4 to 7 ovaries on each. After the formation of the required number of brushes, pinch the crown of the plant.
  5. Water the bushes with warm water, under the root. Especially it is necessary to monitor the moisture content of the earth at the time of flowering and intensive growth of tomatoes.
  6. Care comes down to watering, loosening the soil, feeding, removing stepsons and yellowed foliage.
  7. The harvest begins in July and August.
  8. With the onset of cold snaps, they observe the plants, trying to identify possible diseases in time. The variety can be affected by nematodes and late blight.

The presented description of agricultural techniques allows you to understand the main stages of plant care. Of course, every gardener has his own secrets for getting a good harvest. Someone thinks that if I planted tomatoes in a greenhouse, then its entire volume should be used. Let them grow to the very top. This practice is appropriate for this variety.

Even on the street, "Moscow delicacy" forms ovaries well, especially in hot weather. What can we say about greenhouse conditions. But tomatoes must have time to grow at least to the state of technical maturity. This must be taken into account in a short summer. The rest of the variety is very productive. The housewives are happy with it and use it with pleasure in home cooking.

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