Description of the cucumber variety Carolina f1, its characteristics and yield

Description of the cucumber variety Carolina f1, its characteristics and yield

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The variety is now on the list of the state register of Russia. According to the instructions, the type of purpose for growing in shelters. Outdoors shows good survival and high yields when grown in warm climates, without the risk of severe temperature extremes. The variety is widely used in personal subsidiary plots in Russian regions, Ukraine and Moldova. The seeds are sold in small paper bags. The main manufacturer is the American company Lark Seeds. Planting material is distributed in a network of specialized agricultural stores.

The Carolina cucumber is an early ripening type of cucumber. The first crop can be taken 45 days after planting. The plant belongs to parthenocarpic hybrids. The main advantage of the variety is the stability of high yield rates. Vegetables are capable of long-term storage and tolerate difficult transportation conditions.

A distinctive feature of cucumbers is the formation of a powerful root system, thanks to which the shoots are provided with a sufficient amount of nutrients. Reviews of gardeners speak of strong, powerful bushes with a large number of ovaries, which subsequently form powerful, not vigorous shoots with a large number of fruits. The leaves have no specific features. The leaf plates are medium-sized and green in color.

The plant is not characterized by excessive weaving of shoots, which greatly facilitates plant care.

Yield issues

The plant has a good vegetable ovary. Inflorescences are female. The ovaries are characterized by a bundle-like formation and 3 flowers are formed in one node.

Vegetables resemble gherkins in appearance. Due to its small size and taste, the Carolina variety is considered one of the most suitable for canning. Fruit characteristics:

  • have a rich dark green color;
  • there are small bumps on the surface;
  • the peel is characterized by a small white edge;
  • the structure of the pulp of vegetables is characterized by an average density;
  • not prone to outgrowth;
  • the ratio of width to length is 3.2: 1 on average.

Cucumbers do not deform and transform into barrel-shaped fruits at the time of ripening. Even overripe and late harvesting fruits do not acquire a bitter taste. Cucumbers have a distinct taste and aroma, which is why they are ideal for salads. The small size of the fruit makes the variety suitable for use as a preservation material.

Fetal characteristics:

  • the average weight of one cucumber is 95 grams;
  • length varies from 12 to 14 cm;
  • in cross section, the size reaches from 3.5 to 4 cm.

The description of the cucumber Carolina f1 suggests that with proper care, the plant has high yields and with 1 m2 remove 12.6 kg. When grown in soil, the value of the return index of vegetables by plants is slightly less.

Growing features

The cultivation technique for cucumbers is standard and has no specific nuances. Planting time is determined individually, depending on the climatic characteristics of the region and the desired time for harvesting. The planting time recommended by the manufacturer is defined as April-July. For an earlier harvest, growing by seedlings is allowed. Fruiting continues until autumn.

In regions with difficult climatic conditions, planting in film structures is recommended. Planting of planting material is carried out after the threat of frost has finally passed. The sowing depth of seeds should not exceed 3 or 4 cm.The planting is carried out according to the 50x30 cm scheme.Frequent planting of bushes will lead to a decrease in yield indicators, since in this case powerful shoots will lack fresh air and light, and the problem of ventilation is fraught with the appearance of various diseases of cucumbers ...

The variety is resistant to most types of cucumber diseases:

  • peronosporosis;
  • powdery mildew;
  • the mosaic is viral.

Maintenance consists of ensuring regular watering and weeding. The variety compares favorably with stress resistance to difficult conditions, including insufficient watering. Garden culture needs periodic fertilizing with mineral complexes.

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