Instructions for use of the drug Pochin from pests, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use of the drug Pochin from pests, dosage and analogues

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Pests can appear in every garden or vegetable garden. Insects not only spoil plants, but also destroy crops. Let's consider how to treat plants with the Pochin preparation, the composition, purpose of the product and its principle of action, how to work with the preparation in accordance with the instructions, and its advantages. Is it possible to combine an insecticide with other agricultural products, how and in what conditions to store similar drugs that can replace Pochin in private household plots.

Description, composition and form of release

Produces insecticide "Green Pharmacy Gardener" in packs of 30 g. Release form - microgranules, active substance - diazinon in an amount of 50 g per 1 kg. The Pochin insecticidal agent has a contact and intestinal effect on pests.

Purpose and mechanism of action

"Pochin" is introduced into the soil, in which it protects plants from pests living in it, including wireworms. The drug is produced in microgranules and in a small package, which makes it convenient to use, especially in small private farms. These packages are convenient to store and use without leaving any leftovers.

Microgranules mix well with the soil and form a protective zone around the plants. Pests die after eating the drug and after contact with it. The purpose of the Pochin insecticide is to treat potatoes and flowers from wireworms, cabbage - from cabbage flies and cruciferous flea beetles.

Benefits of Pochina

The insecticidal drug Pochin has the following advantages:

  • enhanced effect due to microgranular form;
  • convenient to use in private household plots;
  • a single application is sufficient for plant protection throughout the summer;
  • destroys both garden and garden pests.

Among the funds from the wireworm, the Pochin insecticide is considered the best today.

Instructions for the use of insecticide

10 sq. m of potato beds, you need to add the contents of 1 sachet (30 g), the introduction is done when planting tubers. In the same dose, the granules are introduced into the soil before planting flower crops. For cabbage, the drug is applied at the time of planting seedlings: granules are poured under each plant in the area of ​​the root collar. Application rate - 20 g per 10 sq. m. The waiting period for potatoes and cabbage is 40 days.

For uniform application, the microgranules must be mixed with sand: fill a 1-liter jar with sand three quarters, add the contents of the bag and mix.

Under the potatoes, the mixture is brought into the wells for 2 tsp. With the help of an insecticide, you can fight ants, pour the package into the anthill to a depth of 2-3 cm. The death of pests occurs in just 1 day. The protective period lasts 1.5 months. No pest resistance to the product has been identified. Does not harm the plants it is used to protect, does not inhibit growth and does not negatively affect yield.

Precautions for use

"Pochin" refers to agricultural products with 3 class of toxicity for humans. Cannot be applied to the soil in areas located near water bodies and fish farms. Apply when there are no animals or children nearby.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Those who will apply the pellets to the soil should wear gloves to protect the skin from contact with insecticide, glasses and a respirator. Do not touch your face with your hands, drink, eat or smoke during work. After finishing work, wash your hands and face with soap, rinse your mouth with water.

Poisoning with the drug rarely occurs, but if this happens, you need to rinse the stomach: drink 6-7 tablets of activated carbon, drink 1 liter of water, after 15 minutes induce vomiting. If such measures do not bring results, the symptoms of poisoning have not disappeared, you should immediately consult a doctor. Pochin insecticide poisoning therapy is carried out with the help of atropine.

Compatibility with other substances

It is not recommended to mix Pochina granules with any pesticides, fertilizers, or drugs that stimulate growth. Combined use reduces the effectiveness of the drug, so treatment with other drugs should be postponed to a later date.

Terms and conditions of storage

Pochin insecticide should be stored in a dark and dry room. In the production package, the granules retain their properties for 3 years. If the package has been opened, it is better to add all its contents at once, it is not advisable to store the leftovers.

Store the drug at temperatures from -10 C to +35 C. Do not keep food, feed and medicines, household products near the packages. Make sure that the drug does not come into contact with children or be eaten by animals.

What can be replaced?

With diazinon, the industry produces insecticides for use in agriculture: Barguzin-600, Diazinon Express, Diazol, Praktik, Ricochet, Enlil, Diez-600, Diazin Euro, Diazinon-600.

In private household plots, you can replace this insecticide with drugs with diazinon: Barguzin, Zemlin, Anteed, Provotox, Vallar, Medvetox, Grom-2, Grizzly, Muravyin, Terradox "," Thunder "," Medvegon ".

Pochin is an insecticide against wireworms, cabbage flies and flea beetles that harm cruciferous crops. Possesses fast action, protects plants for a long time. It is applied simply and quickly, it is economically consumed. Protects the beds for at least 1.5 months, but you can count on a protective effect that will last all summer. Microgranules, unlike baits, destroy pests not by single specimens when they eat the product, but simply by contact. Protects seedlings, tubers and flower bulbs from pest damage. Preserves the plants and fruits themselves, increases the yield. Due to the small volume of packaging "Pochin" is beneficial to use in the household, to apply to the soil in small beds.

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