Description of the Staroselsky tomato variety, its characteristics and yield

Description of the Staroselsky tomato variety, its characteristics and yield

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When you need to plant tomatoes in the garden and quickly get an excellent harvest, the Staroselsky tomato is perfect for this purpose. During the cultivation period, the variety has already received positive reviews from gardeners. After all, it does not require special care when growing, and a rich harvest makes gardeners use it again.

Variety characteristics

This tomato was bred in Russia, therefore it is adapted for our climatic zone. Early, grows well under film and outdoors. The plant is determinate, low - it reaches 1 meter in height. The crown is formed independently, but for a large yield it is better to form it, a moderate amount of leaves.

Fruit characteristics - ripe tomatoes reach 300 grams, 6 kilograms of tomatoes are removed from a square meter.

Fruit taste is pronounced tomato, sweet with sourness. The aroma is bright, tomato. The tomatoes are juicy and have a red-orange color when ripe. Smooth, round with slight ribbing around the peduncle.

The tomato variety is suitable for fresh consumption, for whole-fruit canning, freshly squeezed juice, making sauces and tomato pastes. As you can see, the variety is universal in use, so it is grown on the plots by absolutely all gardeners.

Growing early-maturing determinant tomato varieties

Early ripening varieties of Staroselskiye tomatoes are usually grown by seedling. First, in March, seeds are sown, previously soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate and washed under a stream of warm water, and then planted in containers with garden soil and humus. Before germination, the soil is irrigated with warm water from a spray bottle. Germinating seeds are placed in a sunny, warm place - usually a windowsill.

After the sprouts emerge and 1-2 leaves are formed, the tomatoes are dived into separate containers for further growth.

It is recommended to feed young shoots with mineral fertilizer for better growth.

When the frosts subside outside and the air temperature is stable, the plants are transplanted into the ground. This stage usually starts in mid-May. Seedlings must be hardened beforehand. To do this, a week before disembarking in open ground, it is taken out into the street for several hours.

In early May, the seedlings are transplanted into the greenhouse at a distance of 40 by 60 centimeters. Approximately 3 bushes per 1 square meter staggered. So it is more convenient to look after them.

In open ground - at the end of May, while the landing pattern is the same.

Plant care

As mentioned earlier, this variety description does not require special care, however, there are general rules for caring for tomato bushes when growing. And they should be adhered to.

  • Bush formation.
  • Weeding the beds.
  • Watering plants.
  • Top dressing with fertilizers.
  • Loosening the soil.
  • Garter bunches.

To obtain a rich harvest, it is desirable to form a bush; for this, the lower stepsons break off and excess leaves are removed. To form three branches, the 3 upper stepsons with flowers are left, the rest are removed. You need to feed the plants 3-4 times per season, so the fruit harvest will be of better quality.

The variety is picky about watering - it does not tolerate dry land. It is recommended to loosen the soil after each watering to keep moisture in the ground. Harvesting occurs as the fruits ripen; it is not recommended to leave ripe tomatoes on the bush for a long time. They will slow down the growth of new fruits.

Adhering to these simple rules, gardeners will receive a rich yield of ripe, juicy tomatoes right on their site.



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