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What frosts does raspberry hussar withstand

What frosts does raspberry hussar withstand

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What frosts does raspberry hussar withstand?


In general, this raspberry variety is very unpretentious.
It begins to ripen early enough, which means it will ripen in the shortest summer. Not afraid of drought - its shoots are protected by a natural wax film, which prevents them from losing moisture in a dry, hot climate.
In addition to resistance to drought, Husar is not afraid of frost - he endures to 25, and even 35 degrees of frost. There is one thing but - in frost you need snow cover, even if there is very little snow, but it is necessary. Therefore, for the winter it is better to cover it.
The only serious problem is the thaw if after the thaw, frost will come again - raspberry bushes, and especially young seedlings, can die - the root system freezes, and the plant dies.