Description of the variety of tomatoes Altai pink, yield

Description of the variety of tomatoes Altai pink, yield

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Altai varieties are suitable for those gardeners who want to add a little variety. In total, the variety has three shades: yellow, pink and red. The flavor and description of the variety are similar.

Characteristics of the variety

The tomato of this variety belongs to late-ripening, has a good yield. Ripening time - 110 - 115 days. The harvest begins from the middle of summer until the onset of the first frost.

An adult plant grows to a height of about one and a half meters. It has large dark green leaves. 4-6 fruits grow on the bush, the mass of which is up to 300 g. The tomato is distinguished by its fleshy and juicy pulp, has a thin but dense peel. The rind, like the pulp, is warm pink.

Origin and use

The variety was bred by Russian specialists. You can grow a tomato both in the open field and under a film. The resulting crop is stored for a long time and tolerates transportation well. Tomatoes of this variety are grown for personal and industrial use. Unripe tomatoes ripen quickly if stored at room temperature.

The Altai tomato variety is classified as a salad type, which allows the use of tomatoes in the preparation of sandwiches, salads, juice, soups, mashed potatoes. From the fruits of this variety, excellent winter preparations are obtained.

Positive and negative traits of Altai tomato

Altai pink tomato has many advantages:

  1. The variety is resistant to various diseases, thereby reducing the financial and time costs for growing tomatoes.
  2. Withstands any vagaries of weather, from drought to rainy summer.
  3. Not picky. Cultivation and care require a minimum of effort and time.
  4. High yield, which allows you to get a large crop of tomatoes in small areas.
  5. Tomatoes taste good.

The disadvantages of tomatoes of this variety include the need to tie up and form bushes and the fact that the yield is highly dependent on the amount of dressing and the type of soil.

Growing features

The variety has good reviews. Tomatoes are recommended to be planted in open ground with seedlings. Before planting, the seeds must be disinfected by immersing them in a solution of potassium permanganate. After the procedure, the seeds are washed, dried, doused with special agents that stimulate growth and increase the number of shoots.

The tomato prefers soil from the garden, where fertilizers or peat are added. Sometimes a small amount of sand or ash is injected. Containers and small containers of peat are well suited for sowing. If we plant seeds in cups, sprinkle them with peat on top and sprinkle with water.

If the tomatoes are planted in different containers, in the future it will not be necessary to dive the seedlings. The container is covered with foil, placed in a warm place. For good germination, it is necessary to provide a temperature of 25 degrees.

Seedlings are planted in the ground where cruciferous plants used to grow. It is not recommended to plant where peppers or eggplants were grown in the past. If there is no suitable place, the top layer of soil is replaced in the greenhouse with a new one, containing sand and peat. The tomato should be planted in well-loose soil. Seedlings are planted in holes, the distance between which should be about half a meter, and the row spacing should be 70 centimeters.

Fertilizers are scattered over the holes before planting. Supports are placed near each hole, which are used as stakes or rods, sometimes trellises. In the future, tomato bushes will be tied to them.

For irrigation, use warm water, which should be defended throughout the day. Watering is carried out as needed, as soon as the top layer of the base dries out. Between irrigations, the soil should be loosened, otherwise a crust will form on the surface, which will not let air through to the roots. Throughout the season, it is necessary to feed, only three to four times. Organic compounds and mineral complexes are used as fertilizers.

During the formation of the bush, it is necessary to leave one or two stems, all extra stepsons are removed. If the plant is too elongated, the top is cut off. The lower leaves are removed, improving air exchange. In addition, the fruits receive more light this way. Some gardeners harvest substandard flowers.

Diseases and pests of tomatoes

The tomato of this variety has a strong immunity to tomato diseases and harmful insects, but it is better to periodically carry out prevention. To this end, the bushes should be watered with a solution of copper sulfate and potassium permanganate.

To avoid root rot, the base is constantly loosened, removing weeds. Mulching with various materials such as straw, peat or humus helps.

Sometimes tomato bushes are attacked by pests. This occurs most often when the tomato is producing flowers. For prevention, it is necessary to inspect all tomato bushes weekly. To combat insects, tomatoes are sprayed with poison or a solution of potassium permanganate. The use of chemical toxins is permissible only before the beginning of fruiting, and during the period of fruit ripening, pest control is carried out using folk remedies.


The crop must be harvested regularly, every 4 - 5 days, depending on the ripening time. This will give the tomato bush more strength to develop and ripen other tomatoes. If a defective fruit is marked on the bush, the marriage should be broken so that it does not take away the strength from the bush.

Tomatoes are divided into green, milk, brown and pink. They are ripped off depending on the purposes of further use. If the tomatoes are to be eaten fresh, only the pink fruits need to be picked. For storage, you must collect brown or milk. If the tomatoes are going to be stored for a long time, it is better to leave the stalk, otherwise a wound will form, into which bacteria can enter, causing the tomato to rot.

The excellent characteristics of the Altai tomato make it possible to grow this variety in any region, getting an excellent harvest. If you properly care for the garden, tomato bushes will delight the grower with fruits all season. Seeds can be harvested from ripe tomatoes for sowing.

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