Description of tomato variety Izobilny F1, its characteristics

Description of tomato variety Izobilny F1, its characteristics

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Tomato Abundant pleases gardeners with an early harvest. In July, juicy pink fruits will decorate the table. Their number will be sufficient for salads, slicing and preservation.

Why Abundant?

Gardeners trust the products of the Gavrish company. Izobilny presents a series of tomatoes for open ground. Breeders have created a fast ripening tomato.

Hybrid characteristics:

  • bears fruit in open ground and under film shelters;
  • early ripening (the first tomatoes ripen after 90 days from the loops);
  • determinant plant (bush size 0.5–0.8 m);
  • leaves are small, dark green;
  • competent agricultural technology will provide a yield of 12 kg / m².

The abundant overloads the bushes with fruits. The plant needs to be tied up. When nitrogen is applied in the spring, foliage is overgrown. It is recommended to break out stepchildren: this measure will force the hybrid to redirect forces to the formation of ovaries.

Abundant is not affected by Fusarium, TMV. Due to early maturation, it "runs away" from phytophthora. The hybrid is registered in the State Register of Vegetable Crops of the Russian Federation. Gardeners successfully grow it in open beds in private household plots and in small personal plots.

What do you like tomatoes

Early tomato varieties often taste bad. They are dryish, harsh. Abundant attracts gardeners with the aroma, sweetness of the fruit. Description of tomatoes:

  • fruit weight 80 g;
  • smooth, matte to the touch;
  • spherical, flattened on top;
  • tightly attached to the stalk;
  • juicy pulp;
  • sweet and sour taste;
  • ripe pink tomatoes;
  • moderately hard skin;
  • bright, "tomato" aroma;
  • 4–5 seed chambers.

The value of the hybrid: quick ripening, unpretentiousness to climatic conditions. Ogorodnikov is pleased with the amicable return of fruits. At the end of July, the ridges are released. There is time to prepare the land for the new season or to grow other crops (lettuce, arugula).

The gardeners are happy with the purpose of the fruit. First, tomatoes are eaten fresh, salads are prepared. Non-standard fruits are allowed for processing. Small ones - can be whole.

How to Grow Abundant?

Every summer resident wants to eat a delicious tomato from his own garden. The instruction on the seed bag promises an abundance of tomatoes, subject to growing rules. Feature of the hybrid: early ripening. When leaving, it is required to take this circumstance into account.

Agronomists advise:

  • drive out seedlings 35 days before the expected disembarkation;
  • containers should be disinfected (rinsed with alcohol, pink solution of potassium permanganate);
  • prepare light fertile soil (compose yourself or buy);
  • plant seeds to a depth of 1.5 cm;
  • before germination, maintain a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius;
  • reduce the temperature after pecking to 18 degrees Celsius;
  • hardening, airing, highlighting is required;
  • dive deep with two true leaves;
  • to strengthen the bush when planting, use calcium nitrate (a tablespoon for each plant);
  • the landing site must be prepared in advance (loosen, add the nitrogen-potassium-phosphorus mineral complex);
  • plant in a permanent place after returning cold weather;
  • choose a sunny place;
  • for the first 2 days, shade the planting from the sun with a white non-woven material;
  • it is recommended to tie up plants;
  • pinching is required;
  • plant 5–7 plants / m² of area;
  • placement scheme: 40 cm X 50 cm;
  • do not overmoisten the soil under the bushes.

It should be remembered about "dry irrigation" - loosening: the crust is destroyed, gas exchange improves.

Assessment of summer residents

Gardeners post on the forums reviews of tomato Abundant F1. Everyone loves the early ripening of the hybrid. Satisfy the taste and purpose of fruits, simultaneous ripening, single application of mineral fertilizers.

The need to form bushes and garters is not suitable. Summer residents are accustomed to the independent growth of determinant plants.

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