Description of the tomato variety Tsar Peter and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Tsar Peter and its characteristics

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Tomato Tsar Peter belongs to varietal species, not being a hybrid. The variety was bred for growing outdoors or under a light film coat. The characteristics and description of the variety will be presented below. It will also talk about the main positive and negative qualities of the Tsar Peter variety. And according to vegetable growers who have been growing these tomatoes not for the first season, this vegetable is the king among all other types of tomatoes.

Description and main characteristics of the variety

The bushes of this variety are of the determinant type, not standard, compact. Shoots are erect, low - no higher than 0.5 m, medium leafy. The foliage is medium in size, typically tomato, light emerald in color.

Tsar Peter is tomatoes of a medium early ripening period: from the moment of the emergence of friendly shoots to harvest, it takes about 4 months.

The inflorescences are simple, the first of them is usually laid above the third permanent leaf, and the subsequent ones appear after 1-2 leaves. In total, up to 5-6 ovaries can appear on one shoot.

The fruits are flat-round, the flesh is fleshy. The skin is dense, smooth, without ribbing, not prone to cracking. Ripe tomatoes are bright red. They adhere tightly to the stalks. The peduncles are not articulated. The mass of one tomato can reach 0.25 kg, but most of the ripening tomatoes usually reach 200 grams. Up to 3 kg of fruits are usually harvested from one bush. Up to 4 bushes are planted on 1 m², therefore 10-11 kg of harvest are harvested per square meter.

The description of the variety will be incomplete without a story about the resistance of these tomatoes to major diseases. Tsar Peter is highly resistant to fungal diseases, in particular, to phytophthora, which the plant does not have time to get sick due to the rather early ripening of tomatoes.

The seed chambers of ripe fruits consist of two or three nests with few seeds. The juice contains an increased amount of sugar - about 2.4%, and dry matter - up to 5.4%. Taste qualities of tomatoes are excellent - rather sweet with a pronounced tomato aroma.

The ripe fruits of Tsar Peter are universal: they are eaten fresh, in salads, canned, juices, sauces, mashed potatoes, pasta and many other twists are made. Even unripe fruits can be salted and pickled.

If the fruits do not have time to ripen on the bushes, they can be put to ripen in a warm room next to the red fruits.

The crop perfectly tolerates transportation over fairly long distances, it is distinguished by excellent keeping quality. Unripe fruits must be laid out in boxes, separately from ripe tomatoes, in a cellar or other room where the temperature is maintained no higher than 5 degrees.

Pros and cons of the variety

The pluses of the tomato Tsar Peter include:

  • high keeping quality;
  • good resistance to the main fungal diseases affecting tomatoes;
  • good yield;
  • compactness of bushes;
  • universal purpose of ripe fruits;
  • the crop is well tolerated over long distances.

But this variety has no negative qualities. Judging by the reviews of vegetable growers who grow this variety, compact fruitful bushes do not require special care, take up little space in the beds, and therefore are very popular.

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