Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Peremoga

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Peremoga

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Belarus is a region of temperate continental climate and soddy soils. Taking into account local peculiarities, breeders bred a variety - tomato Peremoga 165. In 1951, the suitability of the plant was tested on the ground. The variety has successfully adapted to cool summers and high humidity.

Description of the Peremoga variety

The plant has already won the recognition of Belarusian gardeners. General characteristics of the Peremoga variety:

  • early maturing plant;
  • high productivity;
  • undersized, reach a maximum height of 60 cm;
  • unpretentious - the tomato needs minimal care;
  • the first inflorescence is tied under the seventh leaf;
  • tolerates temperature changes well;
  • bears fruit successfully in shady places;
  • resistant to fungal diseases;
  • suitable for growing outdoors;
  • convenient transportability - the tomato skin is strong.

In accordance with the characteristics, the tomato is suitable for growing in many regions of Russia: Belgorod, Tula, Saratov, Kirov. One of the main advantages of tomato is its high yield. With proper care, experienced gardeners get several harvests per season, up to 15 kg of tomato from 1 m2.

The berry has the following traits:

  • flat-round shape;
  • slightly ribbed;
  • smooth;
  • ripe fruit turns red;
  • ripe fruit reaches a mass of up to 140 grams;
  • thin skin;
  • the number of fruits in a bunch is 4-5 pieces;
  • sweet taste;
  • juiciness.

Up to 5 kg of tomatoes are obtained from one bush per season.

Tomatoes are best grown in seedlings.

Growing seedlings

Seedling preparation is the most important stage of preparatory work before the start of the summer cottage season. At home, it is necessary to create all the necessary conditions for the plant:

  1. Good lighting. If the windows of the apartment face the south side, you can put the seedlings on the windowsill; if there is a lack of natural light, you should purchase ultraviolet lamps.
  2. Create a variety of high humidity. Spray the shoots regularly, 1-2 times a day. Use a humidifier if necessary.
  3. Maintain air temperature 18-25 degrees.

The seeds should be planted to a depth of 1-1.5 cm. The optimal distance between the grooves is 3-4 cm. The greater the distance between the plants, the longer they can be left out!

Features of planting and care

At least a week before planting tomatoes in the ground, the shoots should be fed. Young sprouts are recommended to be hardened. Expose the plant to direct sunlight and fresh air. Take the seedling containers outside within 5-7 days. The time for solar and air procedures is from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

When planting, tomatoes are best placed not tightly, at a distance of 60 cm from each other. The row spacing is at least 50 cm. This arrangement will allow the tomato to receive a sufficient amount of sunlight.

Seedlings of tomatoes of the Peremoga variety are recommended to be planted at the age of 40 days. During the preparatory period, the shoots are fed 2-3 times.

To get a good harvest, you should regularly:

  • water the plant;
  • feed;
  • loosen the soil.

Watering is recommended in the evening with warm water!

The opinion of gardeners about the Peremog tomato variety

For three seasons I have been looking for suitable varieties of tomatoes. The suburban area is very modest, the beds are often in the shade of the house. A neighbor gave positive feedback on the Peremoga variety. Description and yield were in line with expectations. Pleased with the unpretentiousness. There is no way to visit the garden every day, watering every three days did not damage. By the end of the season, about 7 kg of sugar tomatoes were harvested from a small garden bed. After the disastrous last year, the result exceeded my expectations. I recommend!

Ekaterina Volnitskaya, 41 years old.

I hasten to share my impressions of the Peremog tomato variety. I have known for a long time and have been successfully growing it for more than a year. The unpretentiousness of the plant has become a big plus, it feels comfortable in the open field. It tolerates temperature drops and coolness. The main thing is to water and loosen every 2-3 days. I collect up to 2.5 kg of tomatoes from a bush during the summer season.

Vasilisa Petrovna Skulatova, 57 years old.

Good day to all gardening lovers! Recently I discovered the Peremoga tomato variety and I hasten to leave positive feedback to Belarusian breeders. I don’t devote much time to growing and this did not affect the yield of the berries. A separate plus of the variety is disease resistance. Ripe small fruits, about 100 grams. The taste is sweet, the skin is thin. Well suited for salting and preparing vegetable salads. Next year I plan to plant more beds with this variety of tomatoes.

Nadezhda Peshitskaya, 38 years old.

Numerous positive reviews testify to the high yield and positive taste of the Peremoga variety.

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