Country design with the ArCon program

Country design with the ArCon program

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Our summer house is not only daily work in the garden or kitchen garden, but also the ennobling of the territory. Especially for people who are interested in planning the site and buildings, and, subsequently, seriously change the appearance of the cottage, we offer an overview of the ArCon program.

ArCon is a modern professional design software. It is most aimed at buildings and interior design, but with its help it is possible to equip the landscape of a summer residence. So, let's get to know ArCon better.

What is ArCon?

At the moment, ArCon is a really serious software that is suitable for professional design. Using three-dimensional visualization, any user can get a realistic image of his ideas, and bring them to life upon completion of the project in electronic form. Work with ArCon takes place in design and construction modes, which is very convenient for the design of architectural objects in a summer cottage. You can work with sizes, drawings, plans, design buildings, view them in a section, the design is useful for external and internal decoration of finished buildings. Realistic images and even specially created animated videos will help with the work.

Advantages of the Arcon program

  • Understanding the operability and functionality of the program, you will be able to work not only with individual rooms, but with whole houses and other structures that you want to build and ennoble in the summer cottage.
  • You can always choose and use the original elements from the library - doors, windows, stairs, architectural elements and more, change dimensions, thickness, texture, type of installation and so on.
  • In addition, you can work not only with objects and their components, but also with materials from which you will implement the project in the future, which means that ArCon helps not only with construction, but also with the overall design, both external and internal where you will use paints, wallpapers, drywall, laminate, wood, wall panels, artificial stone, marble and so on.
  • After finishing, you can use the software to decorate the room, choosing accessories and furniture, moving them according to the project of the room and thereby choosing the best arrangement.
  • Reflections, refractions of light, shadow - all this will help you with a quality lighting design.
  • After the project is fully ready, you can go to the exterior, directing ArCon to design and design landscaping in the country.
  • When the project is fully completed, take advantage of 3D visualization, a special feature that professionals call a “walk around the project.” With its help, you can consider your own work from all sides, find errors, make adjustments.

Study the program as much as possible, and you will immediately feel how good it is in your business.

ArCon Versions

Choosing the most suitable version of the Arcon program for your own use, consider ArCon Home for the design of buildings in the country, as well as ArCon Home & Terrain, which will help you cope even with complex projects of a summer cottage.

ArCon presentation and interface

Conclusions about the ArCon program

In fact, ArCon is a universal program that suits absolutely every person, one might even say that from all sides.

  • If you are a person who wants to save money on the work of a pro and create a project for a summer house and a plot yourself, ArCon will help you do this.
  • If you work with a professional landscape painter, then using the ArCon program you can explain to the artist in more detail what is required of him, as well as accurately monitor all his actions.
  • If you want to study software professionally and continue to work in the field of design and landscape design, ArCon will help you achieve your goal, the main thing is to maximize your own projects from the virtual world.