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Offer little-known varieties of berry and fruit trees.

Offer little-known varieties of berry and fruit trees.

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Hello. Everything that is popular in the north-east of Ukraine is growing successfully in my garden. I want to plant more exotic plants or little-known, less popular plants. Now, due to climate warming, even zoned persimmons are growing in our country. What trees and shrubs can I plant more? grateful for your work.


If you have the opportunity to grow unusual crops - that's great. From the trees, try growing Kudraniya (a strawberry tree), a small fruit tree with delicate, juicy fruits resembling raspberries in appearance and a mixture of persimmons with strawberries to taste. Another exotic is the Strawberry tree (Arbutus), also a beautiful fruit tree. The fruits are round, in consistency and taste resemble strawberries. The list goes on: Golden tree, Monkey pot (a kind of nut), Candle tree, Black apricot, etc.

Of the unusual fruit shrubs, it can be noted: Irga, Schisandra chinensis, Actinidia colomict, Feijoa, Shiksha, Krasnik, etc.


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