Characteristics and description of the Andromeda tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Andromeda tomato variety, its yield

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In preparation for the new season, most vegetable growers begin to think about what kind of tomatoes they will grow. Lovers of an early harvest choose the Andromeda tomato. This variety is considered relatively young, since it appeared at the end of the last century. There are several subspecies of this variety that can be grown on your site.


The characteristics and description of the Andromeda tomato variety will help novice vegetable growers to study in more detail its characteristic features and differences from other tomatoes.

Andromeda f1 is a pretty good hybrid that copes with many diseases without any problems. Also, the tomato variety belongs to cold-resistant tomatoes, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of those who planted it. However, this does not mean that the bushes will grow outside in cold weather. The optimum temperature for growing is 20-26 degrees Celsius.

This variety is not suitable for obtaining seeds for the next vegetable season. The fact is that it is impossible to get seeds from ripe fruits that could be planted next year to obtain a harvest.

This determinant tomato has limited growth, which ends almost immediately after the formation of the flower cluster. The Andromeda tomato has medium-sized bushes that grow up to 80 centimeters outdoors. When growing seedlings in a greenhouse, their height can increase by 35 centimeters.

During growth, simple inflorescences appear on the bushes. They begin to form above the sixth or fifth leaf. All other inflorescences appear every two leaves.

Andromeda has a pretty good yield. The first tomatoes begin to ripen three and a half months after being planted in the ground. The fruits are rather smooth and large. When fully ripe, each tomato weighs 150-170 grams. The color of the tomatoes depends on the variety. Most often they have a red color, but the Golden Andromeda tomato is distinguished by its yellow fruits. Also, the fruits of this type of tomato are larger than those of other varieties of Andromeda. The average weight of a tomato is about 300-350 grams.

Vegetables contain a lot of dietary fiber, vitamin B, and lycolin. This variety of tomato is recommended for people who have problems with the intestines and blood vessels.

Planting seedlings

Growing Andromeda begins with planting seeds to produce young seedlings.

Seed preparation

To begin with, disinfection of the planting material is carried out. During this procedure, you can use a special mixture of boric acid and vitriol. There are also other ways that seeds can be disinfected. To do this, you can soak them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The seeds should be soaked in it for thirty minutes, after which they are washed and dried.

Soil preparation

It is recommended to plant the pink Andromeda tomato in pre-warmed soil. Its temperature should be at least 15 degrees Celsius. It is not necessary to wait for warm weather for the earth to warm up. You can raise its temperature yourself. To do this, it is enough to pour it with hot boiled water several times. Thus, you can not only warm up the soil well, but also disinfect it.

Also, during cultivation, you can install a floor fan that will warm the air and prevent the ground from cooling.


The seeds are planted in pre-prepared containers. Most often, low boxes or peat pots are used for this. The second option is even better, since the plant can be planted together with the same pots.

Each pot contains several tomato seeds at a distance of 5-10 mm. Planting depth should not be too deep. It will be enough to deepen the seeds a few millimeters under the soil. After planting, containers with tomatoes are placed in a warm and well-lit place.

Planting seedlings

Seedlings of tomatoes should be germinated indoors until they grow up to 30 cm. It is recommended to monitor the temperature while growing the seedlings. In the first month after planting, it should constantly stay at 25 degrees. After that, it must be gradually reduced so that the seedlings get used to temperature changes.

Soil for seedlings

For tomatoes, soil that contains a lot of organic matter is best. However, not all soils can boast of this, so you have to fertilize them in advance. When feeding, add one kilogram of compost or humus to the soil.

Also, do not forget about mineral fertilizers that young bushes need.... A few months before planting, 20 grams of nitrogen and potash fertilizers should be added.

Planting seedlings

Planting begins with the creation of small holes, the depth of which should not exceed 10 cm. All holes are arranged in several rows at a distance of 40 cm. They can be planted less often so that the bushes do not shade with each other.

One seedling is placed in each hole. After all the plants have been placed in the ground, you should sprinkle them with earth and water them with warm water. Since Andromeda is a medium-sized variety, it is advisable to place garter pegs near each bush.


The Andromeda tomato is an early maturing variety that has a fairly high yield. It is very easy to grow such tomatoes. To do this, just look at what description Andromeda tomatoes have and how they are grown.

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