Description of the tomato variety Bochata, characteristics and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Bochata, characteristics and cultivation

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A relatively new variety, the Bochata tomato, has already earned the preference of summer residents. It is grown because of the yield and versatility of the fruit. It appeared in 2016.

Basic ideas about the plant

Variety characteristics are key when selecting species to grow on site. A detailed description will help any gardener. He can easily grow a good harvest.


  • Shrub: semi-determinate.
  • Height: 90-110 cm.
  • There are 4-5 tomatoes in one bunch.
  • Ripens within 115-125 days.


  • Shape: prism-oval, barrel-shaped.
  • Weight: 300 gr.
  • Color: red.
  • Taste: excellent.
  • Density: high.
  • Transportability: at the highest level, the presentation is preserved.
  • Stored for a long time.

How to plant and care for a species

The variety is suitable for greenhouses and open ground. It has no peculiarities of cultivation. They are planted in seedlings. Seeds are sown 55-60 days before planting on a permanent growing site.

Seedlings require attention. Caring for her is laying a solid foundation for the future harvest. It is necessary to dive, plant in separate pots. The plant forms a powerful stem and is then easier to take in a permanent place. Temperature and lighting are also controlled and maintained at an optimal level.

The first 5 days the temperature is 15-16 ⁰С, after - 20-22 ⁰С.

To increase future yields, tomatoes should be fed. To do this, watered with solutions that stimulate growth.

Plant seedlings only after the threat of night frosts has passed. 1 m2 place 4-6 plants. Form into 2-3 stems. Sprinkle with warm water in the evening when the sun goes down. Rinse, loosen and huddle as needed.

Harvest volume and application. Specific to the type of disease

To get a good harvest, you need to follow agricultural practices. The yield of 1 plant is 2.5-3.5 kg.

The application is universal. Tomatoes are suitable for canning as a whole, used for processing. They are used to make juices and tomato paste.

Fresh consumption in salads, appetizers, soups. Their great taste has made them a favorite of many vegetable growers.

Tomato is not resistant to diseases. Requires constant attention to the appearance for the presence of the first signs of the development of the disease. It is necessary to process the seed, then the adult plants.

Positive and negative sides

To make it easier for summer residents to understand the value of the variety, its characteristics are divided into positive and negative.


  • good productivity;
  • fruits are not subject to cracking, retain their presentation for a long time;
  • universal use of tomatoes for food.


  • susceptibility to disease;
  • formation requirement.

What gardeners say about the Bochata variety

If you read the reviews of vegetable growers, you can find a lot of useful information for yourself regarding the cultivation, formation, feeding of the plant.

  • Sveta. The variety conquered with its yield, sweet taste and fruit density. Formed in 3 stems. I advise you to leave more stepsons, the tomato will stretch. These tomatoes were the first on the list for planting.
  • Nadia. The planting attempt failed, the seedlings died for unknown reasons. Next year I will try to plant again.

The unusual shape of the fruit made the variety very popular among summer residents. Everyone who tastes the vegetable will love their excellent taste.

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