Apple tree "Starkrimson": description of the variety and features of cultivation

Apple tree "Starkrimson": description of the variety and features of cultivation

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There are practically no household plots and sites where apple trees are not grown at all. These plants are unpretentious and demonstrate a stable yield. In addition to the existing and well-known varieties for gardeners, breeders with enviable regularity display new and very promising varieties of apples.

Variety Essentials

Trees of this variety are considered to be one of the best apple trees of the Delishes type.. The advantages of the Spur crown, characteristic of these plants, are the ability to use in conditions of intensive planting and a high yield indicator and consistently good quality apples. The apple tree is characterized by the presence of polygenic resistance to the defeat of powdery mildew. However, gardeners should be aware that the variety is very demanding on growing conditions, and can often be affected by scab.

Grade description

Apple trees of the Starkrimson variety are characterized by low stature. The height of the tree is average or below average. The plant has a wide pyramidal and rather rare, as well as a compact crown. This version of the crown is typical for fruit trees of the Spur type. Branches extend from the stem at an acute angle. The main fruiting focuses on different age glove.

The shoots of the plant are dark brown in color and have a weak articulation and close internodes. The shoot part is slightly pubescent. Leaves have an average size, oblong or ovoid shape. They are characterized by a rounded base, a dark green color and serrated town edges.

Fruits of the Starkrimson variety are above average, but have insufficient uniformity. The elongated conical shape of apples has an average ribbing, which is especially clearly visible in the apical part. The main color of the fruit is light green. The integumentary coloration is a dark carmine blush on the entire surface of the fruit. The funnel is deep and has an average width. The peduncle is average in length and thickness. The cup type is closed, the axial cavity is narrow.

Apple tree "Starkrimson": variety description

Chemical composition and application

First, the flesh of apples of this variety is light green in color, and during the ripening phase, its color changes to light yellow. Taste indicators are high. The taste is sweet-sour, closer to dessert. Apples are very juicy and fragrant.

Ripened fruits have the following basic indicators of chemical composition:

  • solids content of about 15%;
  • sugar content varies from 9 to 11%;
  • the content of titratable acids is about 0.22%;
  • the content of ascorbic acid varies from 4 to 6 milligrams for every one hundred grams of the product;
  • the content of P-active substances does not exceed 150 milligrams per hundred grams of pulp.

Features of planting and care

Apple trees of the Starkrimson or Starkrimson Delicious variety are early-growing trees with high yields. Seedlings correctly planted in compliance with planting technology and grown in accordance with agrotechnical requirements enter the fruiting stage in the second or third year. Every year the number of apples forming on the tree increases.

It should be remembered that as a result of overload with a high yield, the size of the fruit can significantly decrease, and the taste will not change for the better. The ripened fruits on the trees hold fairly well.

Planting of Starkrimson or Starkrimson Delicious apple trees is recommended in areas characterized by warm climatic conditions with mild weather factors. Trees of this variety are very sensitive to low temperature indicators, and even with not very significant drops in temperature in winter, plants can freeze. In addition, fruit plants of this variety do not like dry periods.

One of the features of the variety is the susceptibility of apple trees to scab disease, so it is necessary to carry out appropriate preventive procedures in a timely manner.

Harvesting and storage

The main fruit harvest occurs in the last days of September or the first decade of October. You can store the harvest until the first decade of April. During storage, the palatability of the fruit improves. However, it is worth remembering that apples of the Starkrimson variety during this period often suffer from a bitter dimple.

How to prune an apple tree in autumn

Apple trees "Starkrimson" early-growing and high-yielding, but demanding on growing conditions. The winter hardiness parameters of the variety are insufficient. Scab trees can be affected to a large extent, and plants are almost not affected by powdery mildew. Knowing all these varietal characteristics, you can grow a wonderful crop of apples of the Starkrimson Delicious variety.