Instructions for the use of the herbicide Secator Turbo, description of the drug and dosage

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Secator Turbo, description of the drug and dosage

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Selective herbicide Secator Turbo is used to treat crops of cereals, corn, fiber flax, both by ground and from the air. It is characterized by a wide spectrum of action, destroys persistent dicotyledonous perennials and annuals. The drug is produced according to the new Odesi technology, it is effective even in difficult-to-process conditions, and is available for use in different climatic zones.

Composition and release form of herbicide Secator Turbo

The drug is produced by the German company Bayer using the innovative technology Odesi, which allows you to create a product with an oily dispersed composition.

Active components:

  • sodium iodosulfuronmethyl (25 g / l);
  • amidosulfuron (250 g / l);
  • mefenpyr-diethyl (250 g / l).

The last component weakens the toxic effect of the main substances. The herbicide is sold in plastic containers with a volume of 1 liter.

Mechanism of action

Secateurs Turbo is a systemic herbicide, absorbed mainly by leaves, less actively - by the root system. The active substances, having penetrated into the plant, move through the tissues with nutrients, and settle in the growth points. There they suppress acetolactate synthase - an enzyme necessary for amino acid synthesis. As a result, the plant stops growing and dies.

Pros of the drug

Of the advantages of the herbicide Secator Turbo, it should be noted:

  • effective against uncontrollable and overgrown weeds;
  • the ability to process in difficult conditions;
  • selectivity for processed species;
  • the possibility of using in different periods of the growing season, in any climatic conditions;
  • the availability of processing by both ground and aviation methods;
  • safety for the human body, animals, bees;
  • low consumption;
  • lack of development of resistance in weed species;
  • compatibility with most fertilizers, growth regulators, plant protection products.

Impact speed

After a couple of hours after dressing, the weeds stop growing. After about a week, the foliage begins to turn yellow. After two weeks, chlorosis develops, the death of growth points is noted. Weeds die 4-5 weeks after contact with the herbicide.

Calculation of consumption for different plants

The table shows the consumption rates of the Secator preparation for different types of cultivated plants.

CultureConsumption rate, liter per hectare
Winter crops: rye, triticale, autumn wheat0,1-0,125
Winter crops: rye, triticale, spring wheat0,075-0,1
Winter barley with autumn spraying0,1-0,125
Spring crops: wheat, barley, triticale0,075-0,1
Fiber flax0,05-0,1

How to prepare a working solution?

The working solution is prepared just before spraying. The spray tank is half filled with water. The herbicide bottle is shaken. The required amount of the drug is cast and dissolved in water. The container into which the liquid was poured is rinsed several times, the used water is also poured into the tank. Finally, you need to turn on the stirring system of the sprayer and add water to the working solution to the required volume.

If a mixture of several chemicals is prepared, then the Secator Turbo dissolves first in the water, then other chemicals are poured in.

Refueling of tanks is carried out in a safe area.

Instructions for use

In order for the treatment with the Secator Turbo herbicide to be effective, it is necessary to carry it out at a stage when annual weeds are just beginning to grow, and perennials are in the rosette stage. Secateurs Turbo affects only germinated plants, does not affect the subsequent wave of weed growth. Therefore, it is important to clearly define the timing of spraying. If the timing is chosen correctly, then one treatment is enough for the entire growing season.

Spraying is desirable on a warm day with high humidity. The active ingredients are completely absorbed into plant tissues in 2 hours. The precipitation that fell after this and a decrease in temperature by 5-8 ° C does not affect the effectiveness of the herbicidal action.

The consumption rate of the working solution is 200 or 300 l / ha. When distributed from the air by aerosol method, the optimal dosage per hectare is 5 liters.

Below is a table of the processing steps for different crops.

CultureStage of cultural developmentWeed development stage
spring wheat, barley2-3 leaf stageinitial phase - 2-4 leaves
tillering2-4 sheets
exit into the tube (appearance of 1-2 internodes)early phase
winter wheat, barleyin spring, coming out into the tube (formation of 1 - 2 internodes)early
autumn, tilleringearly
millet3-4 sheetsearly
fiber flaxshootingearly stage (in case of defeat with white gauze at stage 2 of these sheets)
corn2-5 leavesearly (in case of defeat with white gauze at stage 2 of these sheets)

Safety in use

When applying the herbicide Pruner, you should follow the safety rules:

  1. The sprayed preparation should not fall on crops for which it is not intended for processing (vegetables, rapeseed, root crops, sunflowers).
  2. After spraying, the remaining solution is poured outside the border of the treated area. All used containers are thoroughly washed.
  3. Turbo herbicide is not toxic to humans. But if it gets on the skin, this area of ​​the body should be rinsed with water.


After processing, yellowing of the leaves is sometimes noted (mainly in cereals). This phenomenon is provoked by a sharp drop in temperature during or after spraying. Plants return to their natural color after a week or two under favorable climatic conditions.

The toxicity of the Secator Turbo preparation increases significantly if the treatment is carried out in conjunction with anti-grain herbicides.


Secateurs Turbo can be combined with fungicides (Derozal), insecticides (Decis), herbicides (Puma, Agritox), effective on cereal crops, with growth regulators, mineral nutrition. When combined with fertilizers, you must first check the compatibility.

Potential impact on subsequent crops in the rotation

In winter rape, sown after grain crops treated in spring with the Turbo herbicide, the first true leaves sometimes turn pale, but without harm to the further growth of the plant.

The next year after herbicide treatment, it is impossible to sow spring rape, beans, vegetables, sunflowers, root crops, buckwheat - species sensitive to the presence of sulfonylurea in the soil.

Terms and conditions of storage

The herbicide is stored at temperatures from +30 to -5 ° C. The shelf life is maintained for 2 years.

Similar drugs

There are no drugs similar in composition. Secateurs Turbo is the only herbicide based on amidosulfuron and mefenpyr-diethyl.

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