High-yielding cucumber "Artist f1" from the Dutch breeders

High-yielding cucumber "Artist f1" from the Dutch breeders

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The ultra-early partenocarpic hybrid cucumber "Artist f1" is intended for cultivation in the open ground, as well as in film or glass greenhouses. The hybrid was launched in 2010 and included in the State Register for the Russian Federation. The originator of the hybrid is the company Bejo zaden b.V.

Grade description

The female partenocarpic early ripe hybrid form “Artist f1” forms medium-sized bushes, and the resulting vegetable products are intended for fresh use, as well as for pickling and pickling. The plant has sufficient disease resistance. Fruiting occurs on average one and a half months after planting in the ground.

Zelentsy are distinguished by good taste and marketability. The average length of greens is 9.4 cm. The surface of the cucumbers is medium-hilly, with pronounced white pubescence. The average weight of the cylindrical shape of the fruit is 92.5 g. The pulp is very juicy, crunchy, with a pronounced cucumber flavor.

Advantages and disadvantages

Distinctive features of the cucumber "Artist f1" are the following quality characteristics:

  • the hybrid has medium resistance to LMR (downy mildew) and MR (powdery mildew), and is also resistant to cladosporiosis and VOM damage (ordinary mosaic);
  • high-yielding and salable hybrid;
  • excellent tastes of greens;
  • universal use;
  • the possibility of growing in open or protected ground.

The total yield per square meter reaches 8.5 kg. With high agricultural technology, these indicators increase.

Cucumber "Artist f1": features of the variety

Landing rules

Hybrid "Artist f1" is allowed to grow as a vegetable crop, cultivated by seedlings or by direct sowing of seeds on ridges, according to the following requirements:

  • growing hybrids does not imply a procedure for steaming seed material, and many companies produce seeds that do not require preliminary preparation;
  • sowing seedlings is carried out at the end of April with planting seedlings on ridges in late May or early June, when 3-4 real leaves are formed on the plants;
  • sowing seeds directly into the soil is recommended in May or June according to the scheme 35 x 65 cm;
  • sowing should not be carried out on ridges where in the previous season such pumpkin seeds as cucumbers of other varieties, squash or squash were grown;
  • cucumbers can be cultivated on virtually any soil with sufficient aeration and drainage;
  • this vegetable crop reacts very dynamically to the enrichment of the soil with fertilizers of organic origin;
  • at the stage of preparation for sowing the ridges must undergo a deep digging and be completely freed from weeds;
  • the east-west orientation of the ridges helps to provide maximum lighting, and has a beneficial effect on productivity;
  • at the growth stage, you need to ensure that the seedlings do not outgrow and do not stretch at room temperature;
  • This hybrid form is recommended to be grown on vertical trellises.

Hybrid plants obtained from the seeds of "Artist f1" provide a stable and very high-quality crop throughout the growing season.

Care Features

Cucumber "Artist f1" belongs to the category of stress-resistant hybrids that feel good in low humidity, at very high temperatures. When planting, a rapid adaptation of the plant is observed. The basic rules for caring for hybrid cucumbers are as follows:

  • the first fertilizing with mineral fertilizers is carried out not earlier than the formation of the first true leaves;
  • at temperatures above 30 ° C, pollination of flowers does not occur, as a result, greenhouses do not form;
  • cucumbers are characterized by water lovingness, but excessive waterlogging of the soil and the use of cold water when irrigating are the cause of diseases or death of the root system of plants;
  • throughout the growing season, three mineral root dressings should be alternated with the introduction of organic fertilizers;

  • a good result is achieved by the application of foliar top dressing in the form of spraying leaves with a urea solution;
  • ideal fertilizers for foliar top dressing of cucumbers is the use of tools such as Plantafol, Terraflex, Megafol or Isabion, which are recommended in the evening;
  • the soil surface around the cucumbers is best mulched with mowed lawn grass, as well as sawdust or quality humus;
  • growing on a trellis not only makes it easier to carry out all the activities for the care and harvest, but also greatly reduces the risk of plant morbidity;
  • cucumbers are very responsive to loosening the soil and podkuchivanie bushes, as well as topping up around the plants of humus land;
  • for prevention, periodically spray the plants with fungicidal agents.

The technology for growing cucumbers in greenhouse constructions includes several stages, the main among which after planting are standard care and regular harvesting. The formation of cucumber regulates the growth and fruit formation of the lashes. It is recommended to form the plant in one stem with timely pinching.

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Reviews of vegetable growers

Cucumber "Artist f1" is very unpretentious to growing conditions, and grows well in almost all regions of Russia, and the collected cucumbers have an external appeal and excellent taste. The cultivation of this vegetable crop in greenhouses is possible year-round, even under adverse climatic conditions.

Cucumbers: selection of seeds and varieties

The plant is formed mid-layer, indeterminate and has a pronounced, characteristic branching. Short cylindrical greens with a dense crispy structure and dark green color are ideal for salads and winter preparations. The Netherlands has long been famous for the cultivation of very successful and popular varieties and hybrids among vegetable growers, among which the "Artist f1" cucumbers occupy a leading place in the seed market.