Top 6 breeds of white ducks and their characteristics, description of breeding conditions

Top 6 breeds of white ducks and their characteristics, description of breeding conditions

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Domestic ducks are considered popular birds, which are characterized by unpretentious maintenance and high productivity parameters. Usually these birds are raised for valuable meat, which is very beneficial and has a delicate taste. There are many varieties of these birds today. White ducks are considered the best for breeding.

Are there white ducks?

Many breeds of white ducks are now known. According to research by scientists, this color provides a special recessive gene. It is passed on to offspring. And this applies to both males and females. Today's popular ducks with white feathers are artificially bred or are natural species. In any case, such birds are found in almost every household.


The white color is considered common. There are several breeds of birds that are distinguished by such feathers.


This cross was bred on purpose. Its characteristic feature is considered to be the ability to quickly increase body weight. Moreover, to obtain such results, not very much feed is required. These ducks are characterized by excellent performance parameters. During the year, they are capable of producing 240 eggs weighing 100 grams. In addition, by the age of two months, ducks acquire large sizes. By this parameter, it is possible to distinguish between males and females. So, drakes weigh 4 kilograms, and ducks weigh 3.4. In order for these birds to fully increase their body weight, they need to be fed a balanced diet.

large sizes;

rapid weight gain;

quality meat;

undemanding care;

excellent profitability;

good egg production.

growth only for 2 months;

the need to use compound feed for feeding.


This breed is considered to be meat. It was bred in the forties of the last century. This happened at the "Ptichnoe" state farm located in the Moscow region. The breed was derived from Campbell Khaki and Peking Duck.

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The main advantages of birds include strong immunity, high productivity parameters, and resistance to temperature fluctuations. It is recommended to walk such birds even in the winter season. They love to swim in the snow.

The birds are characterized by a large body and a massive convex chest. They are distinguished by a strong, straight back and a short tail. In this case, the drake has several feathers on the tail form a ring.

good egg production;

low cost of chicks;

disease resistance;

calm character;

undemanding to food.

the need to create a reservoir;

average egg production.


This is an old breed that was obtained in England back in 1845. These birds quickly gained popularity. As a result, they have become widespread in Europe. Feathered are distinguished by snow-white plumage and blue eyes. They are also characterized by a large torso, a wide chest and a massive back.

The birds are distinguished by a large head and a powerful light orange beak. At the same time, ducks are characterized by slightly short, but powerful, widely spaced paws, covered with bright orange skin. The advantage of the representatives of this breed is the rapid increase in weight.


early maturity;

high quality meat.

low egg production;

lack of maternal instinct.


The history of the appearance of these ducks is not known for certain. However, there is information that it was possible to obtain it by combining local breeds with Chinese crested. The result is medium sized birds. They are characterized by an arched back and a neck tilted down.

Birds are distinguished by a muscular body, a convex chest and wings pressed to the body. Corydalis are characterized by orange paws and a similar beak.

By the appearance of the tuft, it is possible to assess the parameters of bird productivity. The larger its size, the less productive the bird is. Nevertheless, crested beetles are distinguished by tasty and lean meat, high egg production parameters and a calm disposition.

beautiful feathers;

undemanding to the conditions of detention;

quality meat;

the ability to hatch eggs.

low productivity;

difficulty in buying quality chicks;

low egg production;

the need for strict adherence to hygiene rules.

Indian runners

Scientists claim that these birds descended from penguin ducks. Runners came to Europe in the nineteenth century. Initially, they were bred for decorative purposes. Today birds are very popular because of their high egg production. However, they are not grown for meat.

Runners are characterized by an elongated torso. The body has a cylindrical shape and is covered with snow-white feathers. Also, birds are characterized by dark yellow paws, a thin long neck, and an elongated head.

Birds are not demanding on food and are distinguished by a peaceful nature. They are characterized by delicious and tender meat. At the same time, you should not expect large weight gain from the birds. An adult male weighs no more than 2 kilograms. At the same time, the annual parameters of egg production of females reach 350 eggs. Their weight is 70 grams.

high egg productivity;

unusual appearance;

good immunity;

high degree of mobility;

calm character;

tasty and tender meat.

a small mass of adult birds;


problems with the purchase of quality breeding material.


This breed was developed in China. This happened back in the eighteenth century. The birds are characterized by excellent productivity parameters. This made birds very popular in Europe and Asia. The disadvantage of ducks is nervousness.

The Peking breed is characterized by a large elongated body, a wide chest and back. Also, ducks are distinguished by a large head with a concave forehead and a long, curved neck. The body of birds is covered with snow-white feathers, which fit snugly to the body. They also have a short, raised tail. The birds are characterized by short strong legs of a yellow-orange hue and the same beak.

good adaptation to cold weather;

no need for a reservoir;

early maturity;

good egg production;

undemanding diet.

restless disposition;

sensitivity to dampness;

lack of pronounced maternal instinct.

Selection rules

When choosing a bird breed, it is worth considering a number of features. In order not to face scammers, it is worth contacting large farms. This will help assess the living conditions of the birds, see the parents and make sure that the seller is decent. If you still have doubts, you should familiarize yourself with the certificates and other necessary documents.

In addition, when choosing an animal, you should pay attention exclusively to healthy individuals. It is important that they are moderately well-fed. It is also worth considering the condition of the feathers. They must be uniform. No damage is allowed.

It is important to ensure that the ducklings do not have cloudy eyes - they should be bright, clean and shiny. It is recommended to take into account the behavior of birds. It is important that they remain active. If the chicks move little, this indicates the development of pathologies. You should refuse to buy such individuals.

Features of the content

When raising ducks, it is worth creating the following conditions for them:

  • ducks need an insulated room without holes or drafts;
  • a maximum of 3 adults or 6 young ducks should be placed on 1 square meter;
  • nests are recommended to be placed under walls, in the shade;
  • the litter should be made deep - it is recommended to form it from shavings or sawdust;
  • it is recommended to provide compartments in the feeders for various types of feed;
  • it is important to ensure that there is always fresh water in the drinkers;
  • the suitable temperature is +16 degrees, in winter it is worth maintaining the parameters at least +5 degrees;
  • humidity parameters should be maintained at the level of 60-70%;
  • the duration of illumination is 14 hours a day, in winter it is recommended to use special lamps;
  • a prerequisite is the presence of a reservoir.


There are a number of breeding methods. If the female has a pronounced maternal instinct, she will be able to hatch eggs on her own. At the same time, it is important to observe this process. In the absence of the incubation instinct, you will have to use an incubator. It is recommended to place the collected eggs in it and wait for the chicks. Many breeds of white ducks are known today. They have advantages and disadvantages. To succeed in raising birds, it is important for them to create suitable conditions.

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