Description of the Kupechesky cucumber variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the Kupechesky cucumber variety, features of cultivation and care

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The culture is grown in every area. Only the varieties planted by the summer resident are different. Merchant's cucumber belongs to hybrids, besides the fact that it is very fruitful.

General ideas about the type

Each summer resident looks for a description of the variety before planting it on the site. Selection criteria depend on the needs of a particular family.


  • Medium-sized.
  • Medium branched.
  • Indeterminate.
  • Ripens within 46–48 days.
  • Insect pollinated.


  • Length 9-11 cm.
  • Weight: 60-115 gr.
  • Green colour.
  • Taste: no bitterness.
  • Shape: cylinder.

A cucumber variety that satisfies all indicators becomes mandatory for cultivation from year to year.

Growing and care

The culture is grown on the site by 2 methods, direct sowing into the ground and seedlings. The first method is easier, because the seeds are planted immediately in place. Wells and planting material are being prepared. Soil temperature is not lower than +18 ⁰С. After planting, the wells are covered with polyethylene.

Seedlings are a little more difficult to grow. A soil mixture is being prepared:

  • 1 part of turf land.
  • 1 part sand.
  • 2 parts of humus.

Peat pots are filled with it, which does not need to be removed, injuring the plant roots. In combination, they are a root fertilizer.

Seeds are sown 3-4 weeks before planting in the ground. Young seedlings need light, temperature, moisture and fertilizers. They are fed with complex formulations with nitrogen content.

At the time of transfer, to a permanent place, night frosts are excluded. 1 m2 3-4 plants are planted. It is recommended to install trellises, on which the plants feel better, getting more air.

Loosening provides oxygen access to the plant roots. Mulching the beds will retain moisture. For watering, take only warm water and watered after sunset.

Irregular harvesting of the vegetable reduces the overall yield.

Suitable for growing in greenhouses and open field.

Home cooking, yield

Kupecheskiy F1 cucumber is used for any purpose, it is used for winter harvesting, canning, salting. Eaten fresh in salads.

The yield is high. If all the requirements of agricultural technology are met, 9 kg of cucumbers are obtained from 1 m2.

Plant immunity

As the characteristic shows, cucumbers are not susceptible to powdery mildew, olive spot. For other diseases, preventive treatment is required. They use folk remedies and chemicals.

Advantages of the variety

Any cucumber variety has positive and negative features, their presence affects the popularity of the species among summer residents.


  • Resistance to some diseases of culture.
  • Productivity.
  • Unpretentiousness.
  • Does not depend on unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Cucumbers are versatile in use.


  • Greenhouse cultivation requires manual pollination or insect recruitment.
  • Requires preventive treatment for some diseases.

A large number of positive criteria for the variety will be appreciated by every summer resident.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the variety

Better than advertising from the manufacturer, reviews of summer residents act, respectively, positive. In their comments, experienced vegetable growers share their impressions of the varieties, give recommendations for care.

  • Antonina: “We planted a Merchant variety of cucumbers on the site. I liked the taste very much, the households are delighted. There were no difficulties during cultivation. For the first time, we managed to achieve the maximum yield ”.
  • Nadezhda: “We were planted in a greenhouse. There are no complaints about the variety, only positive emotions. For me, as a summer resident, a positive moment in resistance against cultural diseases ”.
  • Olga: “I grew it by direct sowing into the ground. Nothing complicated, the trellises were installed in advance, the plants gave an excellent harvest. I liked the pickled vegetables. "

Planting different crops on the site requires attention to their handling and care. Merchant cucumbers will not cause trouble to grow.

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