Apple tree varieties "Lobo": description of the variety and reviews of gardeners

Apple tree varieties "Lobo": description of the variety and reviews of gardeners

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Winter apple trees are very popular with gardeners in most regions of our country. These fruit trees are cultivated both for industrial and private purposes.

The history of breeding varieties "Lobo"

Apple-tree "Lobo" belongs to the category of varieties obtained as a result of the use of the seed material of the variety "MacIntosh". The variety was bred at the experimental station in Canada using free pollination.

In our country, the apple tree "Lobo" appeared relatively recently. Tests at the state level started a little over forty years ago, as a result of which the variety was included in the State Register of varieties zoned for cultivation in the Central Black Earth Region.

Features of the apple variety

Apple tree "Lobo" is loved by many gardeners and nurseries of fruit crops. The variety is successfully grown in the territory of Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov and Oryol, as well as Belgorod regions. The fruit plant belongs to the category of promising for the Lower Volga regions. In addition, apple trees of this variety can often be found in the gardens of the Republic of Belarus, in Ukraine and in the Baltic republics.

It is important for gardeners to remember some of the shortcomings that the Lobo apple tree has. The main disadvantages of this variety are considered to be an insufficiently long shelf life of fruits, as well as the average resistance of the tree to frost or heat. In addition, plants are easily affected by powdery mildew and scab.

Apple tree: variety selection

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Grade description

Apple tree "Lobo" stands out from the rest of the fruit trees due to the characteristic external qualities.

Description of the fruit, its nutritional value and chemical composition

Fruits are large in size, however, in adverse weather conditions they can be slightly smaller. The average weight of one fruit can reach 200 grams. Apple tree "Lobo" forms aligned fruits, the shape of which can vary from conical-rounded to flattened-rounded. There is a slight ribbing. The peel of the fruit has a waxy coating and a greenish-yellow background color. The surface color is raspberry red. Seed chambers are moderate in size and are often partially open. The pulp is white with a granular structure. The taste is sweet and sour, juicy and tender.

The chemical characteristics of the fruit of the apple variety "Lobo" are as follows:

  • 10.3% sugars;
  • 0.5% titratable acids;
  • about 15% solids;
  • just under 11 milligrams of ascorbic acid for every 100 grams of pulp.

The average calorie content of one apple does not exceed 48 kcal.

Tree description

Young seedlings of this variety are characterized by a very intensive development. The crown shape on young trees is close to oval. An adult plant is characterized by a round and fairly wide crown, which is easy to prune and is characterized by a short recovery period after freezing.

Fruiting is concentrated on ringworms, as well as in the area of ​​twigs. Apple-tree "Lobo" forms shoots average in thickness, possessing insignificant curvature and articulation. The main coloration is dark brown with some reddish tint. The leaves are ovoid, large, emerald green, with rounded ends.


The fruiting phase occurs in the fourth year after planting seedlings. Subject to budding, these periods are shifted to seven years. Variety yields increase annually. A slight alternation of yield is characteristic of the apple trees of this variety.

Most gardeners value Lobo apple trees for their annual yield. Adult fruit trees produce a little less than 200 kilograms of fruit. Apple trees of this variety are well suited for cultivation both on farms and in private household gardens.

Apple trees "Lobo" are frost-resistant, but not resistant to scab damage, and are also characterized by insufficient keeping quality of the collected fruits.

Landing and care

For planting seedlings of apple trees "Lobo" in the early spring, soil preparation should be started in the fall. If fruit trees are planted in the fall, then soil preparation is carried out a couple of months before the planned date.

The primary digging of the soil for planting should be preceded by the removal of all weeds. An important nuance is the introduction of fertilizers into the soil during the process of digging. For each square meter of soil, it is recommended to make at least 5 kilograms of quality rotted humus or stale manure. Too high levels of soil acidity require high-quality liming.

A standard pit should have a width of one meter and approximately the same depth. The root system of seedlings must be carefully distributed throughout the planting pit. As a fertilizer, it is recommended to use humus in the amount of two buckets, a kilogram of superphosphate, three buckets of peat and a kilogram of wood ash. The earth around the planted fruit should be compacted with utmost care.

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Reviews of summer residents

Most gardeners appreciated the quality characteristics of fruits that have juiciness and a pleasant sweet and sour taste. The aroma of apples of this variety is very bright and saturated. The fruits are perfectly transported. Gardeners and summer residents cultivating the Lobo apple trees noticed that the fruits are not prone to fall at the ripening stage.

How to prune an apple tree

Due to its high palatability and practical properties, the fruits of this variety are suitable for fresh consumption, for preservation and processing for fortified juice or delicious jam.