3 easy recipes for apple pomace wine after a juicer at home

3 easy recipes for apple pomace wine after a juicer at home

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The drink, which is made from the pulp, does not have such a bright aroma as from fermented fresh fruits, it is low in sugar, but contains fiber that improves the functioning of the digestive organs. If you do not throw away the apple cake after the juicer, the wine fermented from the waste will not taste bitter, it will acquire a beautiful shade, but the strength of the drink will hardly reach 12%.

Cooking features

Since there is less sugar in the cake than in the fruit, its proportion is increased, syrup is added. If the pulp is used to make wine, the waste does not need to be squeezed out for a long time. It is not recommended to squeeze out juice with seeds that give the drink bitterness.

The cake is transferred to glassware, filled with water. A glove can be used as a water seal by putting it on the neck of a container or a lid with a hose. Simple gadgets help evacuate the gas. In the absence of fermentation, wine yeast is added. When bubbles stop forming on the surface, the drink is poured through a tube without sediment into glass bottles, closed with a stopper and left to infuse in a cool place.

Selection of raw materials

Apples grown in the country or in your own garden are suitable for squeezing juice and for making wine. Store fruits are treated with chemicals to extend the shelf life; when using such fruits for making a drink, they are not washed, but they are thoroughly wiped with a towel.

In addition to sugar, you can take fructose or honey. Such products improve taste and are useful for people with high blood glucose levels.

How to make apple pomace wine at home

A sweet drink made from the waste obtained by squeezing the juice is made in the Mediterranean countries from grapes. It is not difficult to prepare such a product from apple pulp.

A simple recipe

In order for the wine to acquire a bright aroma, fruits are chosen not of one variety, but several. Apples Semerenko, Antonovka, Ranet possess firm pulp, pleasant smell, sour notes. To prepare a drink you will need:

  • 10 glasses of water;
  • 4 kg of pulp;
  • 600 g of sugar.

Immediately after squeezing the juice, the cake is transferred to a large basin or bucket, filtered, but not boiled water is poured, 1/2 part of sugar is poured. The dishes, covered with gauze, are left in the kitchen, making sure that the pulp rises to the surface.

After three days, the liquid is filtered, the bottle is filled, the remaining sugar is added and the drink is kept in a dark place for 4 weeks. To prevent air from accumulating in the container, the lid must often be removed from time to time.

When the liquid becomes transparent, it is packaged in bottles, corked, insisted for a whole year.

A few cherries or raspberries are added to the wine, and it takes on a reddish hue.

Fast way

In the cake that you don't want to throw away after the juicer, there is no need to put yeast. Apple waste ferments well, the amount of added ingredients depends on the moisture content of the pulp, on the expected concentration of the wine. To prepare a rich drink:

  1. The cake is combined with sugar, poured with water for 3-4 days, stirring to dissolve the crystals.
  2. On the fifth day, the mass is filtered from the pulp, the liquid is sent to the container, wearing a glove on the neck or installing a water seal.
  3. Fermented wine is bottled.

Drink the drink after 5-6 months. In order for the product to acquire a bright taste, use 500 or 600 g of sugar, 5 kg of waste, 2.5 glasses of water.

With apple juice

In a fruitful year, when there are no longer enough jars for compotes and fruit preserves, and the collected fruits of Antonovka will not last until winter, they prepare juice, make homemade wine from it. To ensure fermentation, add raisins or put dry yeast at the rate of 2 tsp. for 4 liters of drink:

  1. Apple juice is poured into a glass jar, 2 or 3 glasses of sugar are dissolved in it.
  2. Yeast is diluted in a separate bowl, combined with a drink.
  3. A glove with holes is put on the neck of the container.
  4. The container is placed in a warm place for fermentation.

When the wine brightens, it is strained into bottles, lowered into a cellar or cellar for 4–6 months.

To improve the color of the drink, raspberries are added, the apple peel makes its taste more intense.

Wine storage

Homemade alcoholic product made from juice, fresh fruit or cake is recommended to be poured into dark glass bottles. You need to keep the wine at 12-15 ° C, and the humidity in the room should not exceed 80%.

In the absence of a cellar, you can make shelves on the balcony or loggia, the doors in which will close tightly. Bottles with dry house wine are advised to be laid horizontally; over time, the taste of the drink becomes even better.

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