Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Bull's forehead

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Bull's forehead

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Tomato Bull's forehead from all varieties of large tomatoes stands out for its high yield. For lovers of large, ripe tomatoes, this early tomato variety will be a welcome discovery.

Brief description of the variety

Bovine forehead is an early variety that begins to bear fruit three months after planting. Not a hybrid, so the seeds can be used to plant seedlings for the next year. Bovine forehead they named this variety because of the unusual shape and large size of the tomatoes.

The plant is tall, as a result of which the bush must be tied up in order to avoid kinking the stem. The yield is high, the fruits are large - the weight of one tomato is about 0.6 kg.


External description of the variety: the shape of the tomato is round, slightly flattened, the tomato has a rich, sweet taste. There are few seed chambers, but there are enough seeds.

Recommended for cultivation in greenhouses or outdoors if weather conditions are favorable. The variety feels good in the southern regions of the country, therefore, when living in the northern regions, it is better to plant such tomatoes in a greenhouse - reviews of vegetable growers confirm this. Tomatoes Bull's forehead know how to be "grateful": if tomatoes are properly looked after, 10 kilograms of harvest can be easily harvested from one bush.

Pros of the Bull's forehead tomato variety:

  • great taste;
  • lack of response to temperature changes;
  • high productivity;
  • independence from watering frequency;
  • immunity to various tomato diseases.


  • if there is an excess of moisture in the soil where the Bull's forehead grows, the fruits will crack;
  • do not tolerate transportation;
  • short shelf life.

Seeds should be bought only from trusted sales representatives in order to avoid purchasing a fake or low-quality product with a low germination percentage.

The bovine forehead is poorly stored, so tomatoes must be processed immediately. Small fruits can be pickled in jars, and large ones can be pickled in barrels. You can also make tomato paste, juice, ketchup - every housewife will find a worthy use for the fruits of the Ox's forehead.

What pests and diseases can spoil the crop

During the description of the Bull's forehead tomato, one must not forget to mention the pests and diseases of this variety. The characteristic of the tomato is such that the bushes are resistant to diseases, so it is worth talking only about the prevention of diseases. Timely watering, good lighting and the presence of fresh air will prevent the occurrence of various tomato ailments.

Whites and sawflies are considered the most common pests. Against insects, you can use the modern drug "Lepidocide".

This variety is often attacked by the nightshade miner - one cannot do without the Zubr preparation in such a situation. In the conditions of greenhouse cultivation, the whitefly will become the main enemy of the variety, but Confidor will easily cope with this problem.

Tomatoes of the Bull forehead variety will not cause difficulties in growing even for inexperienced gardeners. Bovine forehead gives a stable harvest even in unfavorable conditions, provided that the weather gives a few warm days.

Care rules

Everyone who has planted this variety at least once knows that the Bull's forehead tomato is unpretentious and does not require special care. However, it is worth performing the following actions:

  1. Tie the stems in time so that the bush does not break under the weight of the fruit.
  2. During the formation of the plant, it is necessary to carry out pinching.
  3. It is necessary to feed the tomatoes with mineral fertilizers three times a season.
  4. When the bush reaches the required height, its top should be pinched, preventing further growth.

The variety requires a minimum of care. Due to the resistance to diseases, the yield is stable and high. The simplest steps are needed to care for the crop in a greenhouse - watering, feeding, sufficient lighting and fresh air.

Checklist to speed up the ripening process

There is one secret that will help you get a harvest twice as fast, whoever grows tomatoes - an experienced gardener or a novice summer resident.

It is necessary to go to the forest and collect young pine shoots - they will need to be crushed and filled with water in a ratio of 1 kg of shoots to 2 liters of water. To get a strong infusion, you should boil the composition for ten minutes. After the broth has cooled, strain the liquid and dilute with water 1: 3.

The resulting solution must be sprayed on the bushes when flowers begin to form on them. This technique will allow you to get delicious, ripe tomatoes in record time.


Svetlana, city of Bryansk:

«I planted Ox's forehead tomatoes in my greenhouse. The harvest really took off early, at the beginning of July. Tomatoes are very tasty, large, sweet and sour taste. I advise everyone. "

Andrey, the city of Pskov:

“I have grown big tomatoes in my greenhouse - beautiful, not a single sore! Despite the bad summer, the tomatoes still had time to ripen, and the weather conditions did not affect the harvest in any way. "

Lydia, city of Tver:

“I planted it in the open field. The seedlings took root well, the tomatoes were a success. I liked the variety very much. The only thing is that the tomatoes are not as sweet as we would like, but to each his own. "

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