Potato "Galaxy": variety description and growing rules

Potato "Galaxy": variety description and growing rules

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Potato "Galaxy" is a variety that grows well and gives a plentiful harvest in a temperate climate. It is unpretentious and easily withstands insufficiently competent care.

Grade description

Potatoes "Galaxy" refers to the category of new and promising varieties bred in the small island state of Ireland. Description of the variety, as well as its photo are given by the originator, and the potato very successfully passed all varietal tests in our country.

Absolutely all the novelties of the Irish potato breeding, including the Galaxy variety, were bred taking into account the need to get an early ripe vegetable crop resistant to late blight. In addition, the variety is distinguished by traditional economically valuable traits, among which particular importance is attached high productivity, excellent taste and keeping quality throughout the winter period.

A variety of medium early ripening, table appointment. The period from seedlings to technical maturity is about 90 days. Bushes are tall, erect. The corolla of flowers is medium, painted in a bright reddish-violet color. The leaves are large, intensely green. Root crops are round-oval in shape, weighing about 90 g, with small red eyes. The pulp is a light yellow hue. The starch content is 16-18%.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potatoes of this variety have excellent characteristics and many advantages:

  • high resistance to viral diseases, as well as to defeat by cancer of potato, potato nematode, late blight, alternariosis, rhizoctoniosis;
  • the average resistance of the variety to common scab;
  • excellent presentation;
  • excellent taste;
  • the flesh of the potato does not darken;
  • high yields in any season.

Potato tubers have an interesting color, represented by a creamy peel and fairly wide scarlet staining around the perimeter of the eyes. The average yield is 25-30 t / ha. As a rule, about 12-14 tubers fall on each potato bush.

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The best varieties of potatoes

Dates and features of landing

Potatoes of the described variety should be placed on the garden plot after perennial grasses, winter crops, legumes, annual grasses and flax, on sandy soils cultivation after lupine is allowed. It is very important to remember that the thickness of the arable layer for planting potato tubers should be at least 27-30 cm. To replenish the indicators of soil fertility, fertilizers must be applied even at the phase of spring plowing of the site.

Potato cultivation begins with the planting of seed in May according to the 60 x 35 cm pattern. with a sowing depth of not more than 8-10 cm. About a month and a half before planting, potato tubers must necessarily be germinated in the light and in a stably humid environment. It is recommended to treat seed material in the form of potato tubers before planting with special fungicides or insectofungicides: TMTD, Fundazol or "Gaucho".

The Galaxy potato is responsive to agricultural practices. The main care of plants is to maintain the soil in a loose state, as well as the systematic destruction of weeds. Besides, recommended:

  • fertilize plants exclusively in easily digestible form;
  • it is advisable to feed manure-phosphate, peat-manure, peat-liquid and other types of compost;
  • if the plants are damaged by late spring frosts, it is advisable to fertilize the potatoes with nitrogen-containing fertilizers;
  • inter-row processing should begin with the emergence of seedlings and carry them out until the stage of budding;
  • when the tops are growing to a height of 15-20 cm, high-quality earthing up of potatoes should be carried out;
  • the standard soil moisture capacity when growing potatoes should not be less than 70%, and it is also impossible for the indicator to exceed 85%.

Since climatic features contribute to a shift in potato planting time in different regions, the potato ripening dates, as well as planting dates, are determined individually in each case. On average, galactica potato tubers acquire commercial quality and move to the stage of consumer maturity three months after planting.

For the autumn-winter preservation of potato tubers, which lasts about nine months, the temperature, humidity and the presence of ventilation in the vegetable store should be correctly observed. Control these factors at a level of 2-3aboutC and 85-93%, respectively, are necessary throughout the entire period of storage of vegetable products.

Ventilation is an important condition for the normal preservation of potatoes, as in an oxygen-free environment, potato tubers very quickly "choke" and die.

Reviews of gardeners

Variety "Galaxy" is very easy for gardeners to identify against the background of potato tubers of other varieties due to the presence of very characteristic stains around the eyes. When acquiring seed material in recent years, gardeners very often encounter the problem that low-quality or diseased tubers are most often found on sale, which begin to rot at the point of attachment of the stolon. A very effective way to prepare tubers for planting in this case, in addition to germination, is preventive treatment. Reviews about the variety are clearly more positive, which indicates the prospects of cultivation in our country.

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