What and how to properly soak cucumber seeds before planting

What and how to properly soak cucumber seeds before planting

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Cucumbers are a fairly popular crop that many summer residents grow on their plots. To get a good harvest, it is recommended to prepare the seed for planting in advance. That is why most vegetable growers soak cucumber seeds before planting.

Do I need to soak the seeds

Some gardeners are wondering whether to soak cucumber seeds before planting them in the soil. It is definitely necessary, since this procedure allows several times to improve the germination of planted seeds. Also, when soaking, the yield of cucumbers planted in the greenhouse improves.

Often, it is precisely the refusal to pre-soak the seeds that is the main reason why cucumber seeds do not germinate.


Before you start germinating seeds, you should do the preparatory work.

Before planting in the ground, it is imperative to calibrate. This procedure is carried out in order to select for planting only the largest seeds, which contain the most nutrients. First, all planting material should be selected according to its size. To do this, all the seeds are passed through a fine sieve to sift out the smallest seeds.

After that, you must use a saline solution. For its preparation, 20-40 grams of salt are added to a liter of water. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, after which selected cucumbers are added to it. If the seeds have surfaced within 10 minutes, then they must be disposed of, since the floating seeds are unsuitable for planting. All other seeds are quickly washed with water and dried.

How to soak cucumber seeds for disinfection

So that in the future the germinated seedlings do not suffer from certain diseases, it is necessary to deal with the disinfection of the seed material. Quite often, a solution made from manganese is used for this. Before soaking cucumbers in potassium permanganate, you should familiarize yourself with how to do it correctly.

First, all the seeds are laid out on the surface of the gauze or fabric material. After that, manganese is added to the boiling water so that the liquid turns a little pink. Care must be taken that the mixture is not too concentrated, as this can spoil the seed.

When the solution has cooled to room temperature, all the cucumbers in gauze are placed in a container with liquid. Some are interested in how long you need to set aside for soaking in potassium permanganate. For disinfection, 15-20 minutes will be enough. After processing, all cucumbers are quickly removed from the container, washed and dried.

Also, before planting in open ground, cucumbers of hybrid F1 varieties are soaked in hydrogen peroxide. To do this, the day before planting, all the grains are placed in a small gauze bag and dipped in a weak solution. They must be soaked for 20-40 minutes. This should be enough time to clear bacteria from the grain. After that, all the grains, up to one, are taken out of the bag and dried.

How to properly soak seeds in biologically active solutions

Many are interested in whether it is possible to soak seeds before planting in open ground in biologically active solutions. Definitely possible, since they contribute to better growth of bushes when growing cucumbers.

In order for the seedlings to sprout faster, it is recommended to use the following preparations:

  • Epin. Epin contains a large number of nutrients that contribute to the better germination of cucumbers for seedlings. If you soak cucumbers in this liquid, they will become more resistant to diseases and weather conditions.
  • Zircon. Some vegetable growers claim that vegetables need to be soaked in Zircon before planting. This preparation is made from chicory acid, which accelerates the development of mature bushes and allows the seeds to germinate quickly.
  • Humate. This product contains humic acid and potassium salt, which accelerate seed germination by 2-3 times. To use the drug, it is enough to pour it into a small container and place the seed in the liquid.

How to soak cucumber seeds using folk recipes

Sometimes vegetable growers refuse to use commercially available soaking agents. In such cases, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself in advance with what else you can soak the cucumber grains.

Aloe juice

To ensure the fastest germination procedure for cucumbers, you can use aloe juice. This liquid contains a large number of immunostimulants, which not only improve the growth of the plant, but also protect it from diseases.

Before preparing the solution with aloe, one lower leaf is cut off and wrapped in a newspaper or towel.

Then the cut sheet is placed in the refrigerator for a week and a half, after which you can start squeezing the juice. This must be done by hand, without using any metal tools. When all the juice is squeezed out, it should be mixed in a one-to-one ratio with boiled water. The prepared mixture is poured into a small plate, after which it will be possible to place the seeds in the fabric into it. During the procedure, it is better to transfer the container with soaked cucumbers to a warm room.


For soaking, gardeners use ash solutions. Ash contains minerals that stimulate the growth of vegetables. It is easy to prepare the ash solution on your own. Add 100 grams of straw or wood ash to a liter container of water. The prepared liquid is infused for two days, after which it is used to process the grains. Soaking takes 5-8 hours.

Mushroom decoction

Fans of folk recipes often soak cucumber seeds in mushroom broths. For its preparation, dried mushrooms are used, as they are rich in useful trace elements that promote the germination of seed. During the preparation of the broth, hot water is added to the pan with dried mushrooms. The container with the mixture is covered with a lid and infused until the water cools completely. It is necessary to soak the seeds in mushroom broth no longer than six hours. After finishing processing, we plant prepared cucumber seeds in the ground.

Potato juice

Potato juice products are often used during the germination of vegetable grains before planting. To prepare a remedy from potato juice, 2-3 raw potatoes must be frozen in the freezer in advance. After two days, they get out and thaw completely. After that, all the juice can be squeezed out of them. It is poured into a plate where soaking will be carried out.


Some summer residents prefer to soak the seed in vodka. At the same time, it is not recommended to use a solution that is too concentrated so as not to damage the seeds.

To prepare the liquid, 500 ml of vodka is added to a liter of water. The mixture should not be infused and therefore the seeds selected for growing can be immediately placed in it. They should be soaked in solution for no longer than 20 minutes. This time is enough for the complete dissolution of the essential oils that cover the seeds. After the procedure, it is recommended to rinse the seed several times and dry it thoroughly.


Almost all lovers of fresh vegetables are engaged in the cultivation of cucumbers. It is no secret that it is necessary to prepare all planting material for sowing in advance. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the main methods of processing grains and determine how many days you should engage in soaking.

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