Why pepper ovaries can fall off and what to do

Why pepper ovaries can fall off and what to do

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Bell peppers are a fairly popular vegetable crop. He is very capricious, so any deviation from the required conditions for the normal growth of seedlings can cause serious consequences, for example, pepper sheds flowers and ovaries. We will consider this problem today, why this happens and how to avoid it.

Temperature and humidity dependencies

These two factors are the most important factors affecting the growth and development of peppers. Growing peppers in a greenhouse is the most profitable option, but you need to try very hard to please them with temperature and proper humidity levels. It is very difficult, because even the slightest decrease or increase, that's all.

If you have a question why pepper does not bloom, know that the best temperature for seedlings is 20-22 degrees Celsius. If suddenly it becomes higher than it should be, the plants will simply stretch out and weaken, and if it becomes lower, the seedlings simply stop developing. The whole process of their growth and development is accompanied by temperature control. When the plants are transplanted to a garden bed or, for example, to a greenhouse, the required temperature for development is 25, 26 degrees. The slightest deviations can lead to serious consequences, so if you don't have time to follow, it is better not to plant.

Let's say there was a small fluctuation in temperature up or down by only 5 degrees, seemingly not significant, but the flowers immediately fall off, and the remaining ones simply will not be tied. If the bushes are already more mature, it is not so scary for them, because they are more stable. Provided that the fruits are set, the optimum temperature for their further development is 15-16 degrees. But again, the slightest decrease, for example, to 13 degrees, and the root system ceases to accept nutrients, and the plants die, fruiting ceases.

There is no need to rush to plant seedlings in the ground, this should be done when the temperature becomes stably warm, somewhere at the end of June. Again, at night it still falls, that is, it is advisable to use greenhouses, be sure to observe the proper level of temperature and humidity. Only in this case can a positive result be guaranteed.


A common mistake made by gardeners is overfeeding with fertilizers. They want to get the maximum yield by adding and adding a lot of fertilizers, of course, this gives a positive result, a lot of fruits are tied, only the plant cannot withstand all of them, and the flowers that are superfluous fall off. In this case, you need not to throw anything, for about 2-3 weeks.

Plants need nitrogen in the soil. Before flowering, it is vital for them, therefore, it should be fed with fertilizers containing ozone. Oversupply will lead to good growth, but yields will have to be sacrificed. If the foliage becomes thick, it will shade the plant, which can easily cause the plant to crumble.

Insects and diseases

In general, it does not often happen that the bell pepper stops blooming and dies only because of insects. This happens when the peppers are very sick or damaged. Pests take the juice from the plant, which causes depletion, and accordingly, the plant no longer bears fruit, and the pepper flowers fall off.

If the pepper is greenhouse, it can be damaged by the greenhouse whitefly.

These are small insects, somewhat resembling a moth, but their wings are white and thin. Peppers are not influenced by the insects themselves, but by what they secrete. This can cause fungus on the leaves, damaging the stems. If the ground is open, then there are even more pests, for example, ants, nematodes, bear, Colorado potato beetle. All of them live in the soil and gradually gnaw at the roots of the plant, thereby slowing down their growth, and then death occurs altogether. The first symptom indicating this is that the flowers and ovaries are shed.

Any disease of the fungal type leads to the death of flowers. The first thing to do is to the leaves, then the whole plant suffers. The first sign, as usual, is that the ovaries and flowers fall off. What to do? This can be prevented. Watch the soil, it should be cleaned. After all, it is she who contains the larvae of harmful insects, fungal spores and the like.

Reasons of a different nature

If you have tried all of the above, eliminated, but the flowers and ovaries still fall off, look for the reason among the following:

  1. Illumination. In fact, this is one of the most important parameters for bell peppers. Plants need light for at least 12 hours a day, and deviations from the norm, even the slightest, will lead to serious consequences.
  2. The soil. Peppers only need good quality soil. If it is heavy, then how not to fertilize, but the plant will develop slowly, since the consumption of nutrients will deteriorate, and this entails serious violations.

  1. Some people panic when a lot of flowers have formed, somewhere around 30-100, but the fruits only bear 10, while others fall off, this is normal and there is no need to worry.
  2. It is better to pick off the first buds that appear, as this will make the plant stronger and subsequently give much more flowers and ovaries.
  3. Flowers that have not been pollinated fall, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if they are not pollinated at all, you should try to carry out this procedure manually, otherwise the pepper will throw off the non-pollinated ones.

Some try to grow peppers at home in a pot, follow all the recommendations and conditions, but this does not lead to anything good. Then you just need to try changing the pot to one that is larger in order to prevent the dumping of flowers and ovaries. Peppers often do not grow because they lack space for full development.

So we examined the question of why pepper ovaries fall off. Use the recommendations we have given, and you are guaranteed to be able to avoid this fate.

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