Productivity, characteristics and description of the Alaska tomato variety

Productivity, characteristics and description of the Alaska tomato variety

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Tomato "Alaska" is ideal for seedless cultivation in areas of risky farming. A detailed description of the tomato can be found on special sites on the Internet or in encyclopedias for gardeners. The variety in question is suitable for both open ground and greenhouse conditions. Alaska tomatoes are a great option for regions with short and cold summers.

About the grade

The variety is early maturing (85-100 days) and high-yielding. The fruits begin to ripen at the end of June. "Alaska" is considered a determinant, meaning it has limited stem growth. A bush with a height of about 0.5 meters needs to be tied to a support and moderately pinned. The first inflorescence is formed above 8-9 leaves, the subsequent ones - every 1-2 leaves. The number of nests is 3-4. Forming during cultivation is not required. The yield of the variety is 2 kg from one bush (with proper agricultural technology).

Fruit characteristics

The fruits of "Alaska" are smooth, deep red, flat-round, weighing no more than 100 grams. Their main feature is that they quickly gain sweetness. Juicy and very tasty, they are perfect both for fresh consumption and for home canning.

Pros of "Alaska":

  • Easy care;
  • Unpretentiousness to weather conditions;
  • Disease resistance (including tobacco mosaic virus) and fusarium wilt;

  • Good fruit set even in cold climates;
  • Early and friendly return of the harvest;
  • Fruit evenness;
  • This tomato can even be grown on a balcony or windowsill.

Reviews of gardeners about the tomato "Alaska"

  • Whoever planted "Alaska" will agree with me that these are just excellent tomatoes. They are very tasty and do not require any special techniques in growing. I recommend this variety to all gardeners who want a good and early harvest of tomatoes. (Valentina Dmitrievna, Perm)
  • Growing these tomatoes is a pleasure. They perfectly tolerate temperature changes, are suitable for cold climates and ripen earlier than other varieties. Salads made from them are wonderful, but winter preparations are not particularly successful. I conclude that they are suitable for fresh consumption only. (Alexandra, Irkutsk)
  • I read good reviews about "Alaska", decided to plant it myself and did not regret it. For the first time in my life I managed to grow tomatoes on the balcony! And without much labor and time. I've never been so happy before. (Oleg Sergeevich, Syzran)

See also

  • My characterization of "Alaska" is the most positive. I have never been able to grow tomatoes so easily and quickly. I advise all "lazy" gardeners, as this variety requires the easiest care. And according to the result, "Alaska" is not inferior to demanding and fastidious varieties. (Alina, Moscow)
  • I planted seedlings in April, planted them in the ground in May, and already at the end of June, tomatoes ripened in my garden, excellent both in appearance and taste. I made homemade preparations from them, we will soon try with my family what came of it. (Olga Vladimirovna, Lipetsk)

  • I have been growing "Alaska" for the third year already. This variety suits me perfectly. They say that it is only a salad, but I also get lecho and the sauces are different. Probably, it also depends on culinary skills, and I am an experienced cook. (Alexandra Fedorovna, Tver)
  • Alaska is a wonderful variety. Unpretentious and fruitful. The taste is sweet and very delicate. The salads made from them are simply amazing. All guests ask what these wonderful tomatoes are. (Olga Viktorovna, Yekaterinburg)

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