Instructions for the use of Vitaros and the composition of the fungicide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for the use of Vitaros and the composition of the fungicide, dosage and analogues

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Gardeners use Vitaros to prevent plant diseases. The drug is designed to fight infections that affect the bulbs, roots or tubers of flowers, as well as grain crops. The fungicidal substance is toxic. Therefore, inept actions can harm a person. Before using, agronomists advise you to carefully study the instructions.

Active ingredients and preparative form of the fungicide "Vitaros"

The planting material is treated with the drug before being introduced into the soil or laying for storage. The components that make up the product destroy pathogenic bacteria in the root system of plants and seeds.

2 elements have an effect on the pathogenic microflora:

Name of active substancesProcessing resultAction speed
TiramSuppresses enzymes and inhibits oxidative processes1 day
CarboxinInhibits respiratory functions of mitochondria1 day for the destruction of external infection,

a week or more to combat internal pathogens

Vitaros is produced in the form of a water-suspension concentrate. Antifreeze, thickeners and other elements in the composition form a protective film that is stable after drying. Dyes allow you to control the uniformity of processing. Vitaros goes on sale in ampoules. For convenience, different volumes are used - 2, 10 and 50 ml. The fungicide is also available in 100 ml vials.

Spectrum and principle of action

Fungicide protects ornamental plants and cereals from various diseases. The drug is used to protect:

  1. Gladioli, tulips, daffodils and other bulbous flowers for penicellosis and rhizoctonia. An effective remedy for helminthosporiosis or fusarium.
  2. Primrose from such an ailment as ramulariasis.
  3. Seeds, cereals from various types of mold and rot.
  4. From the smut of a panicle of millet.

Treatment of planting material helps to destroy a variety of soil bacteria in the area of ​​development of the root system.

The systemic contact action is aimed at suppressing the fungus on the surface or inside the seeds.

Once in plant tissues, the drug is distributed at points of growth and protects cereals or flower crops from the harmful effects of microorganisms.

Consumption rate of the drug

Depending on the disease and the type of plants, a different amount of "Vitaros" is used:

Type of planting materialDiseasesSaturation of the solutionConsumption of the mixture by weight of seeds or tubersProcessing method
Flower cropsrhizoctonia, fusarium, helminthosporium, penicillosis1 ampoule of 2 ml is diluted in 1 liter of water1 l / kgsoak for 2 hours
All varieties of potatoes except early maturingrhizoctoniafor 10 liters of liquid - 2 liters of the drug2 l / tspraying tubers before applying to the soil
Cerealsmold, smut and root rotfor 7 liters of water take 3 liters of fungicide10 l / tdressing before sowing
Corndifferent types of smut and moldin 7 l dissolve 3 l of the product5 l / t

Because of the dye in the composition, it is recommended to wear gloves when working with Vitaros.

Instructions for using the product

It is not recommended to store Vitaros solution. The mixture is prepared just before use. For seed treatment:

  1. First, a small amount of water is poured into the container. For this, a separate container is isolated; the toxic drug is not diluted in food utensils.
  2. Add the suspension according to the instructions and mix.
  3. The missing volume of liquid is poured in.
  4. The material is soaked or sprayed.
  5. After processing, the seeds or tubers are dried.

When preparing the solution, the recommended standards are observed. A decrease in concentration affects the effectiveness of Vitaros.


Be careful when working with the solution.

  1. The clothes are covered with a plastic cape with a hood and sleeves. After the end of the process, the protective kit is soaked in a solution of vinegar for 2 hours and then thoroughly rinsed with water.
  2. They cover their faces with a mask and glasses, put gloves on their hands. It is also advised to use a respirator when spraying.
  3. Disposable items are disposed of after seed treatment, accessories for permanent use are disinfected.

Store "Vitaros" out of the reach of children. The agent is also dangerous for pets.

Toxicity and compatibility with other chemicals

The substance is classified as a class 3 drug of toxicity. It is not recommended to mix the fungicide with other means of the agrotechnical direction. Vitaros provides sufficient protection for plants against infections.

It is also considered inappropriate to use the drug together with natural disinfectants. There will be no work left for biological products after Vitaros.

First aid

In case of accidental contact of unprotected parts of the human body with "Vitaros", the victim is assisted by:

  1. In case of eye contact, the organs of vision are washed with plenty of water.
  2. The skin is treated with a soda solution.
  3. Inhaled vapors of a toxic substance are taken to fresh air.
  4. It is dangerous when a person swallows a solution of the drug by mistake. Sorbents help. Activated carbon, at the rate of 1 gram per kilogram of human body weight, is diluted in water. After drinking the drink, they try to induce vomiting. The unpleasant procedure is advised to be repeated several times.

It is necessary to call a doctor in each case of fungicide poisoning. No antidotes have been developed.

Terms and conditions of storage

"Vitaros" does not lose its properties within 3 years from the date of issue. To store the drug, choose places that are inaccessible to small children or animals. It is also forbidden to leave a toxic substance near food. In the room where the seed dressing agent is located, the air temperature should not be below 16 and above 35 ° C.

What can be replaced?

If Vitaros was not on sale, a complete analogue of the fungicide, Vitavax 200 FF, is used to process the planting material. Gardeners also speak well of such drugs as "Alirin", "Chistosvet" or "Fitolavin".

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Some summer residents use "Maxim" or "Discor". Any means are advised to pickle the bulbs, seeds or tubers 2 times - before planting and placing the material for storage.

"Vitaros" is considered by gardeners to be an effective means of combating pathogenic microorganisms that cause plant diseases. Subject to simple precautions, working with the fungicide does not pose a danger to humans.

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