Description of the tomato variety Charm, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Charm, its characteristics and cultivation

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Today, thanks to the work of breeders, there are a huge number of varieties of tomatoes. Today we will consider the tomato Charm, which is very fond of summer residents, who leave reviews in favor of it. Why do they choose it, although others look no less attractive? There are several reasons:

  1. It belongs to mid-season varieties, therefore it is suitable for the northern and central regions of Russia. The growing season from sowing to harvesting the first fruits is approximately 115–120 days. This is a very good advantage, since those who do not dream of eating a salad of fresh natural vegetables as soon as possible in the summer.
  2. The tomato is large-fruited, you don't have to mess around with small fruits for a long time to cut the right amount.
  3. Tall - thanks to this property, the tomato saves space in the greenhouse or garden. Reaching an average height of 2 meters, due to which the yield can be twice as much as that of undersized varieties per square meter. meter of area - from one plant you can get from 5 kg.


Now let's look at the description of the fruits. They have a flat-round shape, the surface is smooth, in ripe form they have a red - crimson color, the weight of one varies from 250 to 300 grams, there are also champions of half a kilogram. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, the taste is excellent sweet, slightly sour.

Tomatoes of this size are often used in salads and for making tomato juice. They rarely resort to canning, since, due to their size, they hardly fit into the jar.


An excellent property, especially for growing vegetables for sale, is the indeterminacy of the plant, that is, they continue to grow throughout the growing season, producing fertile branches, as long as conditions permit. The formation of the first brush begins in the Ocharovanie variety with 9 branches, then alternates every three. During this period, the plant can grow up to 2 meters, and sometimes 3-4.

When growing this variety in a greenhouse, you can significantly extend the harvest period, thereby increasing it. Thanks to this property, you can plant more bushes in a smaller area.

The planting scheme is 40 to 50, 4 bushes can be planted per 1 meter of area. This is one of the important qualities due to which many vegetable growers prefer the Ocharovanie tomato. In addition, the yield is gradual, so that you can constantly have the opportunity to eat fresh vegetables.

Sowing seeds should start from mid-March to mid-April, it depends on the climatic conditions of the region and the planned place where it will be grown: a greenhouse or open ground. It is recommended to plant seedlings starting from 60 days from sowing.

Tomato Charm enchants summer residents, since, among other things, it is considered drought-resistant and frost-resistant, but the following care for the bushes must be carried out:

  1. Remove leaves and branches below the first fruiting brushes.
  2. Since the Charm is an indeterminate plant, it needs support and a garter. This will reduce the load on the stem so that it does not break; long stakes, trellises or an agro-net are suitable for this purpose.
  3. When watering, make sure that the stream falls without destroying the soil around the stem.
  4. Fertilizing with mineral fertilizers will help the plant gain nutrients faster.
  5. For the prevention of fungi, tomato requires treatment with products containing sulfur or copper.
  6. It is necessary to weed and loosen the soil as necessary.

The advantage of this variety is resistance to TMV, cladosporiosis, bacteriosis, tobacco mosaic virus and Alternaria.

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