Is it possible and in what way to give salt to rabbits, how to make licks

Is it possible and in what way to give salt to rabbits, how to make licks

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Salt is a source of sodium and chlorine, which the rabbit needs to function properly. Chemical elements obtained from food are involved in the construction of cells, biological processes. The lack of these substances leads to various pathologies associated with disruption of the work of internal organs, deterioration of the condition of the coat. We will find out if it is possible to give and how to introduce salt into the diet of rabbits.

Do rabbits need salt and why?

Proper nutrition ensures the fastest growth and development of rodents. A complete diet promotes active development, weight gain, and a healthy coat. In the winter-spring period, the introduction of various micro- and macroelements into the diet of rodents is especially necessary, since the finished feed does not always contain the required amount of these components. Therefore, rabbit breeders independently introduce nutrients into the menu.

A natural mineral helps to eliminate toxins from the body of animals, improves the structure of muscle fibers, and retains moisture in the body. An important component has a positive effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels. The composition contains sodium and chlorine ions, which are needed for active growth and development of cells of internal organs. Chlorine is involved in the formation of hydrochloric acid, it acts as a component of gastric juice. Sodium quickly transmits impulses to the rabbit brain.

The lack of a mineral substance leads to a different kind of pathology:

  • delayed growth and development;
  • deterioration of the digestive system;
  • softening of bone tissue;
  • deterioration of the condition of the coat;
  • miscarriages.

Half of the daily requirement of the mineral is obtained by eared animals with food. The remaining percentage is introduced into the diet on their own. An excess of salt also negatively affects the condition of rodents. Therefore, it is not recommended to give it to rabbits uncontrollably.

Rules for introducing salt into the diet and proportions

The amount of sodium chloride in the diet of animals depends on several factors. It is added to food after babies stop feeding on mom's milk. From the moment of jigging from the mother, young animals are given 0.5 grams of mineral matter. For adults after 4 months of age, it is enough to give 1.5 grams of salt per day per individual. Pregnant and lactating rabbits are added to the diet of 2.5 grams of the mineral daily.

The lack of salt in rabbits is noticeable in their behavior. Animals begin to gnaw at the wooden rods of the cage or lick the net. Adults need the mineral daily. It is important to monitor the proportions of the substance, since a deficiency and an excess can harm the pet.

Rabbit breeders argue that when feeding rabbits with compound feed, there is no need to add salt to the diet. Factory feed already contains all the necessary micro and macro elements, minerals, vitamins. The introduction of salt in an independent way is necessary if the rabbit eats natural products. The mineral is given to animals along with food. It is not recommended to add it to water.

Sodium chloride is given to rabbits in the form of table salt or lick salt is suspended in the cage. Choose a substance intended specifically for rodents. Do not give briquettes, which are given to goats and cows. It contains substances that have a detrimental effect on rabbits. Extra salt also negatively affects the health of furry animals and can lead to their death due to the iodine content in the composition.

How to make mineral licks for rabbits?

The use of friable salt in the diet of rodents is not always convenient. Rabbits can turn the food bowl over, trample the mineral. Calculating the dosage is also difficult and time-consuming. Breeders use a handy remedy - lick salt. It is a compressed mineral. The solid product is suspended in the cage. Rodents come up to him, lick the salt as needed. Lick salt can be purchased ready-made or made on your own. To prepare a healthy treat, the following components are used (the amount is indicated in kilograms):

  • food salt - 0.15;
  • food sulfur - 0.05;
  • feed chalk - 0.5;
  • charcoal - 0.3;
  • red clay (powder) - 0.5.

Mix dry components, gradually add water until a thick consistency is obtained. Balls are rolled from the dough, a hole is made. Leave the workpieces to dry completely. A wire or rope is threaded through the holes, the product is hung in the rabbit house.

Adequate nutrition and care is the key to the health and long life of rabbits. When feeding fluffy animals with natural food, salt is needed as an additive. The use of lick salt will save the owner from unnecessary dosage hassle, worries about a lack or an excess of the mineral in the diet.

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