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Potato "Labella": description and growing rules

Potato "Labella": description and growing rules

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Early ripe, table-setting Labella potatoes from the originator Den Hartigh are included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus Region. Variety characteristics indicate high productivity and excellent adaptability to adverse cultivation conditions.

Grade description

Labella potato bushes are medium in height, very well-leafed, semi-upright, with attractive red-violet inflorescences. Potato tubers have an elongated oval shape, with very shallow and medium depth eyes. Potato peel of red color. The cut pulp is yellow. The average weight of marketable tubers can be 78-102 g. The starch content is not higher than 15.8%. Medium digestibility.

Taste is high. The marketability of tubers of this variety reaches 91-92%. Harvest keeping time not lower than 98%. The Labella variety is characterized as highly resistant to the causative agent of potato cancer, the golden potato cyst-forming nematode. According to the data provided by the originator of the variety, there is an increased resistance of the potato to the leaf curling virus. The maximum productivity is 342 kg / ha. Marketable yield of 176-264 kg / ha.

Preparing and planting potatoes

Planting dates are differentiated depending on weather conditions in the cultivation area. Potato "Labella" should be planted according to agricultural requirements:

  • The main tasks of presowing soil treatment are to create the most loose and fertile soil layer suitable for the development of potato tubers and having good permeability to moisture, air and heat.
  • Spring sorting, sorting and germination of potatoes should begin about three weeks before planting. For planting, it is recommended to use only pure varietal material in the form of standard-sized tubers. With an insufficient amount of planting material, it is allowed to cut large tubers weighing more than 90 g. Cutting allows you to divide the tuber into three parts with the presence of several eyes in each segment. Tuber cutting should be done only on the day of planting.
  • The seed planting depth should not exceed 6 -8 cm.

The best varieties of potatoes

Care Rules

Activities for the care of potato varieties "Labella" standard:

  • Hilling. It stimulates the formation of additional stolons (underground shoots), increases the quality and quantity of tubers by almost a third, in addition, it is an effective protection of plants from spring return frosts.
  • Loosening. It is produced with the aim of ensuring air access to potato tubers and removing small weeds from the soil (it is necessary to perform early, shallow loosening of the soil with a rake).
  • Fertilizer application. The first top dressing is carried out during the planting of tubers (1 tbsp. L. Urea or a special solution "Mortar" is diluted in 10 l of water); the second top dressing of potatoes is carried out at the stage of plant budding (1 tbsp. potassium sulfate and 3 tbsp. ash, diluted in a bucket of water); the third feeding is carried out at the flowering stage, it helps to accelerate the formation of tubers. It is advisable to use mullein or a solution of bird droppings. Feeding is recommended after rain or watering, in the presence of well-moistened soil.

  • Watering. Potato bushes are recommended to be watered only in drought, using at least 12-15 liters of water for each bush.
  • Protective measures. Used when there are first signs of disease or the threat of their spread. Positive results are achieved by spraying potato tops with a mixture based on Bordeaux liquid or copper chloroxide with the addition of superphosphate.
  • Of great importance the correct definition of the timing of harvesting potatoes. Untimely harvesting can lead not only to a significant decrease in the quality indicators of tubers, but also to large losses of vegetable products.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of the Gourmet potato.

Reviews gardeners

Recognized by potato growers as one of the best Labella potatoes, it is distinguished by its nematode resistance, high resistance to viral lesions and stable yield. Vegetable growers characterize this potato variety as rapidly developing at the very beginning of growth and bringing a high-quality crop. About fourteen potato tubers are formed in one nest. When harvesting, there is an almost complete absence of both very small and excessively large tubers.

Harvesting early potatoes

Variety "Labella" from German breeders well preserves the crop, presented externally attractive tubers with excellent taste indicators. Harvested crops can be used both for the purpose of selling early vegetable products and stored for a long time. The plant is resistant to high temperature conditions and insufficiently competent care, which makes it very popular among beginner gardeners.