How many hours a day do ferrets sleep and what determines the duration of sleep

How many hours a day do ferrets sleep and what determines the duration of sleep

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More and more unusual animals are becoming pets of townspeople. Ferrets are agile and cute creatures that differ in their peculiar way of life. Pets are fun to watch, but you need to know how much ferrets sleep. The rest of the animal can last 18-20 hours. Therefore, it is recommended for the pet to equip a separate comfortable, warm and soft sleeping place.

How much does a ferret sleep per day

The animal, while awake, leads an active lifestyle - it loves to run, play. The peculiarity of ferrets is an unusually long rest.

Factors that affect sleep

It should be noted that animals do not always sleep for a long time. Sleep duration can vary for various reasons:

  • age affects the daily regimen. Young animals are very active, and they do not need a very long period to recover during sleep. The behavior of adults is calm, middle-aged ferrets prefer to sleep longer in a warm cozy nest;
  • sterilized ferrets rest for a long time, which are also characterized by moderate mobility during waking hours;
  • the length of daylight hours also matters. Pets rest longer in winter and less in summer.

A peculiar physiological cycle is observed during the mating season. The rapid mobility of pets manifests itself at night, and during the day they sleep.

Sleep phases

There are two phases of sleep: fast and slow. Features of the slow phase: leukocytes are formed, hormones are released that contribute to the restoration of muscle tissue.

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The fast phase is also called paradoxical, since the body relaxes so much that the animal does not react to what is happening around. Deep sleep during the fast phase helps in training.

Why ferrets sleep a lot

The factors by which pets rest for a long time are rapid daytime mobility and an accelerated metabolism. During the day, pets "do not sit still." Ferrets are constantly moving, exploring the territory, playing, communicating with other animals or relatives. Naturally, such mobility is accompanied by a large expenditure of energy. Therefore, long rest is required to recuperate. Adult ferrets rest for 18-20 hours, and the more mobile the animal, the better it sleeps.

Processes during sleep

During rest, numerous processes occur in the body that affect full-fledged life:

  • energy is accumulated at the level of cells. During wakefulness, a pet spends a lot of energy, and in a dream, cellular organelles are stored with special substances, during the exchange of which the body receives energy;
  • in a dream, brain structures store and process information received during wakefulness.

A good rest is indispensable for maintaining immunity. It has been noted that ferrets are more likely to get sick and move less if they do not get enough sleep.

Arrangement of a place to sleep

A common option is arranging a hammock in a cage. Thanks to the suspended structure, there is more free space in the cage. Hammocks are easy to wash and can be fixed at a comfortable height. Cave houses with tunnels are also popular. Such designs allow the pet to safely hide from strangers and sleep peacefully. Both cheerful ferrets and sleeping ferrets cause affection. Animals become attached to the owner and love active games. To keep your pet active, it is important to provide him with adequate rest.

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