Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Russian soul

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Russian soul

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Today there are many varieties of tomatoes that can bear fruit in different regions of Russia. Thanks to the efforts of Siberian breeders in 1997, the Russian soul tomato was bred. Due to its peculiarities, it feels confident in the southern and northern regions of the country.

General characteristics of the variety

The versatile berry is grown in greenhouses and open ground, depending on climatic conditions. Plant characteristic:

  • mid-season, maturing period up to 105 days;
  • plant height can reach 1.8 m;
  • the bush has two stems in greenhouse conditions and three in the open field;
  • indeterminate;
  • unpretentiousness, different soils and climatic conditions are suitable for the variety;
  • resistant to fungal diseases;
  • average yield, up to 6 kg per bush per season;
  • good transportability, for this purpose it is recommended to pick unripe tomatoes.

The highest yield indicators of the tomato variety Russian soul shows in: Rostov-on-Don, Belgorod, Crimea, Astrakhan.

The fruits of the variety are different:

  • flat-round or heart-shaped;
  • bright red or red-pink;
  • large in size, the mass of the first collection can reach 900 grams;
  • juiciness;
  • fleshy;
  • ribbing;
  • sweet with sourness.

Growing and care

Tomatoes are recommended to be planted in seedlings. To begin preparatory work - sowing seedlings, should be two months before the expected date of planting tomatoes. On an area of ​​1 sq. no more than four tomatoes should grow.

Important! Tomatoes of the Russian Soul variety must be tied up! To increase the yield, you should install special stem supports!

Tomatoes should be looked after according to the following scheme:

  • regular feeding, natural and artificial material will do;

  • abundant watering in the evening with warm water;
  • the distance between the seedlings is at least 40 cm;
  • in greenhouse conditions, regular ventilation;

Important! To create better conditions in the northern regions, it is necessary to purchase high greenhouses.

Using ripe fruits

The description of a ripe berry suggests the characteristics of its consumption. The tomato is not suitable for canning. Due to its good taste and high vitamin content, the Russkaya Soul variety will be an addition to any vegetable salad. Its high juiciness makes it ideal for making juice and pasta. Tomatoes are often used as cask pickling, mashed potatoes.

The opinion of gardeners about the variety

Last year, the Russian soul discovered the tomato variety. The berry is not whimsical and has a decent taste. Be sure to tie it up, otherwise the tomatoes will break the bush. Not suitable for canning, but just perfect for juice and pasta. They are very fond of feeding and abundant watering. The yield is high, she collected 5 kilograms from one bush. I advise!

Ekaterina Neganova, 57 years old.

This summer the Russian soul has grown tomatoes. Summer was not hot, planted in the open field. The harvest did not disappoint. The tomatoes have withstood the drop in temperature and rainy weather. I collected about 3 kilograms from one bush. A very tenacious and resistant variety. Some of the tomatoes were still green, they ripened perfectly at home. Next year I plan to plant it in a greenhouse. I expect to significantly increase the yield! The berries are very juicy and fleshy. I recommend everything to gardeners!

Valery Nikolaevna Voytikhova, 47 years old.

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