Grapes "Helios": growing technology and characteristics of the variety

Grapes "Helios": growing technology and characteristics of the variety

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“Helios” grape is a new hybrid form obtained as a result of work on the crossing of such a notorious grape-grower as “Arcadia”, with a raisin called “Find”. The authorship of the hybrid form belongs to amateur breeder V.N. Krainov. The variety is also known as "Arcadia pink".

Grade characteristics

Grape "Helios" has significant and very attractive for winegrowers differences from varieties representing the parental line. At the same time, the best qualities of the original varieties are collected in a hybrid form.

Biological description

The hybrid form of Helios grapes forms vigorous and fairly tall bushes with well-developed shoots. Flowering bisexual. Pollination is very good, regardless of weather factors. The grapes are voluminous and weighty. The average weight of the brush can vary from 600 to 900 g.

Very often the mass of a bunch reaches 1.5 kg. The brushes look elegant and have a cylindrical or conical shape with a medium-loose structure. Productivity is stable and high. The features of the hybrid form are a high level of ripening shoots, good rooting of cuttings and compatibility with stocks.

Technical characteristics of berries

Helios grapes form large berries. The average size of a fully ripened berry is 3.5 x 2.4 cm, weight - from 12 to 15 g. The shape of the berries is oval or ovoid, a characteristic pink color. The flesh of ripened berries is characterized by meatiness and juiciness, covered with a medium-thick and completely eaten skin. The taste is pleasant, with a light, barely perceptible muscat. A pair of seeds may be present in the berry.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Grape "Helios" has a whole range of advantages:

  • berries have excellent taste;
  • the form has an early ripening period;
  • bushes are characterized by high frost resistance - up to -23 ˚С;
  • the hybrid is practically not affected by major diseases and is resistant to mildew and oidium at the level of 3.5 points;
  • grape brushes are very slightly damaged by wasps;
  • high and stable yield with no peeling of berries;
  • high commercial quality of the crop makes the variety the best option for market sales;
  • the harvested crop perfectly withstands quite a long transportation.

However, it must be remembered that Helios grapes are demanding in care and any errors negatively affect not only growth and development, but also plant productivity.

Grapes "Helios": features of the variety

Landing and care

Grape "Helios" refers to quite demanding in terms of planting and care varieties. Saplings of this hybrid form should be planted in carefully prepared and well-lit areas with the most fertile soil. It is important to use exceptionally healthy and high-quality planting material. The root system should be well developed and free from damage, mature shoots should be green and at least 20 cm long.

The landing procedure involves the following recommendations:

  • trim the side roots to a length of 10 cm;
  • you need to trim the main ripened shoot to the fourth or fifth kidney, and all weak shoots are removed completely;
  • during the day, the root system of seedlings should be maintained in growth stimulants;
  • the landing pit for planting grape seedlings should have standard sizes of 80 x 80 x 80 cm;

  • the top layer of soil removed during digging should be enriched by adding humus, superphosphate, potassium salt and a small amount of ash;
  • a third of the planting pit is filled with prepared soil mixture with the implementation of a low earthen mound;
  • the support peg should be placed in the center of the pit and the seedling should be installed by straightening its root system;
  • after rooting the root system, you should tie up the shoot to the peg and carry out abundant watering of the plant.

Further care for planted grape seedlings is standard and consists of regular watering, removal of weeds, preventive treatments for pests and diseases, and top dressing. Despite the fact that this hybrid form has sufficient winter hardiness, it is recommended to shelter the vine and mulch the soil for the winter period. Of great importance is the proper pruning of the vine.

Cropping Features

Helios grapes often suffers from excessive strain on the vine, which makes pruning very relevant. The procedure is recommended in the spring, before sap flow. To correctly distribute the load on the vine, pruning should be performed on 6-8 eyes. Permissible load on one grape bush is not more than 35 eyes.

Gardeners reviews

The hybrid form of grapes called "Helios" has earned good reviews from gardeners growing it in private household plots. The hybrid has a high marketability and is successfully cultivated for the purpose of further sales of the crop. In addition, berries without loss of presentation and quality characteristics for a long time can be on grape bushes. Harvested perfectly stored in a cool room.

Planting and grape care

Taste quality, according to gardeners who have been growing Helios for several years, are very decent, but do not resemble parent varieties. The taste is refined, nutmeg, with good juiciness and sugar content. The beauty of a ripe bunch of this grape also deserves the most flattering reviews. Among the undoubted advantages of the variety are transportability, high productivity and prospects in terms of implementation.