Ways of transporting goats in a car and possible problems

Ways of transporting goats in a car and possible problems

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When there are animals in the courtyard, it may be necessary to transport a goat or other living creatures in a car. In this case, you need to know certain transportation rules. If they are neglected, some problems can arise. Moving your pet a short distance won't be a hassle. But if the path is long, and even to another area, then you need to seriously prepare for the move.

How to transport goats

If you are going to move goats from one place to another, you need to decide how to do it. Can be in a truck or car. For this, transport must be properly equipped. Calm goats will not cause trouble on the trip, but with frisky and nimble pets it will be more difficult.

For transportation, a trunk or a car interior is suitable. It all depends on the brand of the car. The main thing is that there is enough space for unusual passengers. In the cabin, it is better to remove the back seat. Cover the floor with oilcloth or rubber, place a fabric covering on top, and already on it - hay or sawdust. This is done not only for the convenience of the animal, but also to protect the machine from unwanted odors and moisture.

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If the trip is to be in another area, be sure to have a veterinary passport with vaccination marks.

If you are on the road for more than six hours, you need to stock up on water, food for animals and tools for cleaning the temporary place of keeping pets. By car, you need to get under way smoothly, at low revs. Feeling unstable, goats usually lie down and behave calmly. Then the speed can be increased.

Possible problems

How well you can transport goats in a car depends on the temperament of the animal. Some artiodactyls behave restlessly on the way, try to jump, shout, break into the door. So that the animal does not get nervous, you need to talk to him. Hearing a human voice, a goat is able to calm down a little.

During transportation, goats experience a lot of stress, which can negatively affect their future health. In some cases, careless transportation can lead to the death of an artiodactyl. It is better if the owner of the goat or a veterinarian is in the car to check the condition of the animal during the journey.

For the trip to be successful and without complications, you need to think over everything in advance and prepare well for it. Then there will be no surprises on the road.

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