Grape variety "In memory of Shatilov": features of cultivation

Grape variety "In memory of Shatilov": features of cultivation

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Ural winegrowers are famous amateur lover Shatilov Fedor Ilyich, who managed to get a huge number of new grape varieties in a very short time. Shatilov began breeding work with grapes in the Urals in Orenburg, and it was he who managed to achieve results that have not been surpassed to date.

Grade description

The plant is very hardy and forms an early crop. The clusters are broad-conical, with an average weight of 0.6 to 1.5 kg. The vine ripenes well even in not warm and rainy summers. Flowers form bisexual. Bushes are characterized by medium height. Berry irrigation is practically not observed. Scion survival rates are quite high.

The berries are round-oval in shape, with a yellowish-white color, medium size. The average weight is 7 g, standard sizes are 30 x 22 mm. Taste good. The taste is pleasant, but quite simple. Sugar content is about 17% with an acidity of 5.6 g / l.

Grapes "In memory of Shatilov": characteristics

Advantages and disadvantages

The variety is attractive for cultivation in the Urals due to the following undeniable advantages:

  • grapes ripen well in the presence of cloudy and rainy weather conditions;
  • It is characterized by excellent winter hardiness and can winter under shelter from straw and snow when the temperature drops to -35 ° C;
  • almost completely missing pea.

However, gardeners should remember the instability of the variety to mildew and the need to carry out preventive, protective spraying of the vineyard with special means in the spring.

Features of cultivation and care

Grapes "In memory of Shatilov" refers to the number of unpretentious varieties that feel great in difficult weather conditions. Quite often in the first year during the formation of trial, or signal, brushes, one can observe an increase in the leaf mass of the plant and an almost complete cessation of shoot growth.

When growing grapes of the "Memory of Shatilov" variety, it is advisable to observe the following recommendations:

  • for the vineyard you need to set aside a sunny and maximally protected garden plot;
  • to get hardened and prepared for planting seedlings is best in special nurseries;
  • the most effective spring planting of grape seedlings;
  • the landing pit should be 70-80 cm deep and have a diameter of about 60 cm;
  • deep planting of grape seedlings is especially relevant when cultivated in areas with a cool climate, which will protect the root system of the plant from freezing;

  • seedlings with roots that have previously been soaked in a clay "talker" should be placed at the bottom of the pit and sprinkled with soil;
  • for irrigation, it is advisable to use special drainage holes, and irrigation measures themselves should be carried out in the evening;
  • it is important to timely conduct preventive spraying of bushes to protect them from damage to the main diseases of grapes.

It is very important to pay special attention to the pruning of bushes, which helps to maintain shape, and also allows you to adjust the ratio of fruit and growth vines on grapes. In addition, high-quality pruning makes it possible to establish the optimal balance between the vegetative part and the root system of grapes. Grape pruning "In memory of Shatilov" is carried out for 8-9 eyes with a standard load on one bush from 40 to 45 eyes.

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Gardeners reviews

According to the observation of winegrowers, the "signalization" is formed on the grapes in the first year of cultivation. Next year, the berries become twice as large. Most often, the plant is left to winter on a trellis. It is noted that during spring freezing of the kidneys, the crop is able to form on replacing buds. With the ripening of the vines is not observed.

Many gardeners are alarmed by the extreme instability of the variety to mildew, as well as the rather simple taste and density of berries, which, according to these indicators, are more reminiscent of the fruits of technical grape varieties. Quite often, with a heavy load on the bush, problems with full-fledged ripening of the crop are noted.

How to root grape cuttings

The harsh climatic conditions of the Urals, with snowy winters and frosts down to -40 ° C, as well as short and often rainy summers, require the planting of exceptionally stable and reliable grape varieties, which include the “Memory of Shatilov”. The variety has proven itself and belongs to the category of the most popular in this region.