Instructions for use of the Kalash remedy against the Colorado potato beetle

Instructions for use of the Kalash remedy against the Colorado potato beetle

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The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Kalash belongs to a new generation of drugs developed to combat the Colorado potato beetle. The chemical is effective against both larvae and adults. The main active ingredient is imidacloprid, the content of which in the composition is presented at a concentration of 200 grams per liter.

Kalash is produced in the form of a liquid concentrate, which is dissolved in water during preparation. The tool is used for the invasion of pests during the growing season of horticultural crops.

The components of the drug act in direct contact with the pest, getting into the intestines or on the integument of the beetle. When a pest enters the body, the active substance affects the functioning of the insect's nervous system, blocking the normal transmission of nerve impulses. As a result, the pest experiences convulsions, paralysis occurs, which leads to its death.

What are the advantages of the drug?

When using the rules that prescribe the manual for the drug, dosages are not exceeded and there is no danger of phytotoxicity. It is enough to process the plants once per season. Description of the main advantages of the new development:

  • does not cause addiction in insects, which makes it possible to use it repeatedly;
  • does not disrupt plant growth, does not lead to negative consequences;
  • makes it possible to use in hot conditions;
  • lasts a long time after spraying the bushes of plants, the average duration lasts from 14 to 18 days;
  • no need for re-spraying after rain;
  • does not prohibit the parallel use of fungicides and herbicides.

Kalash for plants is an anti-stress agent that promotes rapid recovery from pest infestations. A strong quality of the drug is the low toxicity of the drug, which is accompanied by the effectiveness of its action against the Colorado potato beetle.

The degree of toxicity of the substance against pests belongs to the 3rd class in relation to domestic animals and birds. In relation to bees, the drug is considered very dangerous, which must be taken into account when spraying plants near the location of the hive.

Features of using the tool

To obtain the maximum result, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for working with the drug. Each package of the product contains detailed instructions that describe in detail the rules for working and preparing a spray solution.

How to dilute the product?

The drug in an ampoule must be diluted in 10 liters of water. The volume of the solution is prepared at the rate of 5 liters of the finished product for every 100 m2 area. If it is necessary to re-treat the territory, it is worth considering that work can be carried out only 3 weeks after the initial spraying.

There are products on the market in dosages of 100 ml and in large containers with a volume of 5 liters, used for treating plantings of large farms. Regardless of the form of release, recommendations for the preparation of a ready-made working solution in terms of its concentration do not change.

Spraying with a solution can be carried out not only for potato crops. Kalash is effective against greenhouse whitefly and aphids. In this case, the working solution is prepared at the rate of 10 liters for every 100 m2 planting and spraying is carried out once during the growing season.

Rules for working with pest control

Kalash's instruction from the Colorado potato beetle says that working with a toxic agent requires compliance with simple safety rules. Spraying with working solution is carried out only in special protective clothing. Protective equipment must meet the following requirements:

  • long sleeve of clothing;
  • hand protection with rubber gloves;
  • headdress;
  • eye protection with glasses;
  • respiratory protection with a respirator.

If a toxic substance enters, intoxication is possible. For the period of processing, it is required to remove children, birds, pets from the area. Do not smoke, drink or drink during work.

If the drug enters the esophagus, it is necessary to ingest a large amount of water, try to induce vomiting and take crushed activated carbon, and then call an ambulance.

To spray potato bushes, it is enough to carry out one treatment per season. You should not exceed the dosage indicated in the instructions, since the effectiveness does not change from this, and the risk of getting toxic poisoning as a result of exceeding the permissible concentration increases.

Spraying in the conditions of small subsidiary and backyard farms is provided manually, using simple devices with a spray gun. For the processing of large areas of planting on an industrial scale, processing is carried out in a mechanized way, and the frequency of processing per season reaches 3 times.

What do gardeners' reviews say?

Many supporters of traditional methods of controlling the Colorado potato beetle reject other methods of controlling pests of potato crops. They prefer manual collection of larvae and adults to the use of new generation drugs.

As a result, the inability to reduce the harm caused by insects and the large labor costs for carrying out such work lead to the fact that the plants suffer significantly and cannot develop at full strength. Stress and the negative impact of the Colorado potato beetle directly affect the yield indicators, which are significantly reduced.

Gardeners who have tried the Kalash remedy note the undoubted advantage of treating plantings with a new generation drug:

  • efficiency;
  • significant time savings;
  • ease of use;
  • the ability to vary in terms of preparation of the working solution required for processing, it is enough to dilute 1 ampoule for processing a large area;
  • cheapness of the drug, the ideal combination of price and effectiveness of the drug;
  • the ability to process large areas and small areas that are experiencing the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle.

Gardeners' reviews confirm the effectiveness of the chemical, saying that after treatment, the Colorado potato beetle falls right before our eyes. It is enough to carry out one procedure for the effectiveness of the action to continue throughout the entire growing season. This property of Kalash allows you to significantly save the energy and time of gardeners to combat pest infestations.

The possibility of using not only for potato crops, but also for the destruction of pests of cucumbers and tomatoes makes the new generation agent a universal tool for fighting insects. The main rule for using the Kalash chemical should be compliance with the dosages recommended by the manufacturer, and compliance with appropriate safety measures.

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