Autumn topiary made of cones and other natural materials

Autumn topiary made of cones and other natural materials

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Of the cones, you can make not only funny crafts with which the kids are happy to play. This natural material can be the basis for creating an original topiary.

Step by step instructions for making topiary

To make a topiary, the following materials and tools will be required:

  • bumps;
  • polystyrene foam, cardboard;
  • glue gun;
  • decorative materials;
  • flower pot;
  • brown paint.

If you have all of the above, you can safely proceed to the creation of a masterpiece.

First you need to create a foundation. It is made in the form of a cone of foam or cardboard. It is necessary to paint the resulting design in a brown shade.

Next, you need to prepare the main material - cones. For the convenience of the subsequent steps, it is desirable to trim a few flakes at the base of these elements.

We form a tree. Starting from the top of the cone, you need to glue the cones of different shapes and sizes with a minimum distance between them. Now you need to carefully place the tree with the base in a flower pot.

From cones of pine or spruce, you can make topiary of various shapes and sizes: square, oval, triangular, rectangular, large, small.

Another easy way to create a topiary

We will need:

  • cones, coniferous branches, a thick branch for the trunk;
  • newspaper, paper, glue, scissors, masking tape;
  • twine, burlap;
  • decorative pebbles, gypsum mixture, pot.

After the components are prepared, you can begin to perform a tree of fir cones.

We start by creating a crown of topiary, crumpling the paper and forming a ball out of it. The resulting workpiece is glued with masking tape and painted in brown.

After the paint has completely dried, it is necessary to make a hole in the ball, the size of which corresponds to the diameter of the tree trunk. Glue is poured into it and a pre-prepared branch is inserted. To strengthen the structure, it is desirable to wrap the trunk with twine, gluing the upper and lower parts of this material directly to the branch.

It remains to decorate the autumn topiary with cones. They are glued starting from the top of the ball. Gaps are filled with coniferous branches. Next, you need to wrap the pot with burlap and place a tree in it. After that, you can further decorate the product with beads, sparkles, flowers, beads.

Topiary from cones and acorns

Chestnut and cone topiary

Topiary of chestnuts and cones is performed according to standard technology. The difference is only in the decoration of the crown. Here, along with cones, chestnuts are used, which gives the craft an autumn mood. The decoration of the crown of topiary with acorns gives the same effect.

You can decorate chestnuts in several ways.

  1. You can do spot painting. Smooth pebbles are often decorated with this method, but for chestnuts this technique is most welcome.
  2. Chestnuts can also be decorated with silver or gold spray paints.
  3. You can just color the chestnut hats.

The main rule when decorating chestnut fruits is to emphasize the natural beauty of the nut, its smooth surface.

Topiary of cones and mountain ash

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to make a product of mountain ash and cones, ideal for New Year’s home decoration. To create such an interior tree you will need:

  • packing pins;
  • plastic cup;
  • scissors and glue;
  • polystyrene foam and rope;
  • rowan berries, cones;
  • dried flowers, bast bast;
  • crepe paper, wooden stick.

The assembly of the product is standard, of 3 parts: the trunk, base and crown.

First you need to complete the foundation. The base is cut out of the foam, its diameter should be equal to the diameter of the plastic cup, and insert it into the vessel. In addition to such cups, for the topiary of cones, leaves and mountain ash, you can use other containers: pots, salad bowls, cans, as well as floral sponges.

New Year's topiary, like any other, can not do without a trunk. As this element are wooden sticks wrapped in a rope. On each side of the stick, the rope is fixed to the glue. In addition to wooden sticks, for the trunk you can use tree branches, floral branches, wire. But in any case, the base will have to be decorated with tape, paper, twine.

The workshop on assembling the product is quite simple. First, the trunk is inserted into the base in the middle and fixed to the glue. A crown is attached to the top of the barrel, again on glue.

What to do next? It remains only to attach decorative elements. To do this, the crown is first wrapped in orange paper, fixing it with a rope at the base. Similarly, we decorate the container where the topiary is inserted, just use green paper. You can fix it on a rope or tape.

Next, berries of mountain ash are taken and strung on pins. So you get a lot of berries on needles. Then they should be stuck in the crown of the topiary. It is necessary to move clockwise from the center. The distance between the berries should not remain. Important! If you decide to make a tree of fresh berries, be prepared for the fact that they will dry out over time. Therefore, it is recommended to use pre-dried berries. After the mountain ash has been established, you should continue to decorate the topiary with dried flowers and cones. You can decorate the crown with coffee grains, ribbons, pistachios and pieces of fabric. Instead of the usual mountain ash, you can take chokeberry berries or small apples.

The most popular forms for creating a tree from berries and cones are a cone or a ball. The product with a crown in the shape of a cube looks original, but it is somewhat more difficult to complete.

DIY topiary from cones

Everyone can create a topiary from cones. For this, it is only necessary to prepare the necessary materials and carefully follow the detailed master classes.


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