Description of the variety of tomato Ale, features of cultivation and care

Description of the variety of tomato Ale, features of cultivation and care

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Tomatoes are very popular among vegetables. It is especially pleasant to grow on the site those varieties that delight with high yields and pleasant taste, for example, Ale's tomato.

Characteristic descriptions

This is a determinant type of tomato.

The characteristics and description of the variety contain the following:

  • The height of the plants is at least 55-60 cm. The tomato grows both in greenhouses and outdoors.
  • The leaves and stems are green, the axil contains 4 nests.
  • The fruits are round in shape, with a thick skin, weighing from 100 to 180 grams. The taste is excellent.
  • The yield is large: 9 kg of tomatoes can be harvested per 1 square meter.

Tomatoes can be eaten fresh in salads or canned. They are gaining popularity due to their qualities, are considered early ripe, which is important, given that late blight may begin in early August, and the fruits can be removed in July.

The harvest ripens together, at about the same time. Differs in high productivity. Even under unfavorable conditions, the tomato is tied. They keep well during transportation.

Growing seedlings

It is recommended to sow seeds for seedlings in mid-March. Before planting, the seeds should be soaked in warm water, then treated in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 5 minutes, rinsed and slightly dried.

It is necessary to sow in pre-prepared containers with seedling soil purchased from specialized stores. To do this, draw grooves and put a change at a distance of 2 cm, sprinkle them with earth about 2 cm thick, then wate the soil with soft water and cover with a film. It is best to place the container in a warm place so that the seeds sprout quickly and amicably. After the emergence of seedlings, it is recommended to remove the film, and move the container to a bright place on the windowsill. To prevent the tomatoes from stretching, it is necessary to monitor the illumination, sometimes in cloudy weather, the seedlings can be illuminated with a lamp.

As soon as 2 leaves appear, the seedlings should be dived into separate cups: this way, when transplanting into a greenhouse or to a permanent place of growth, the roots will not be damaged.

It is recommended to feed seedlings with fertilizers several times before planting in a permanent place. When about 7 permanent leaves grow, and the seedlings reach the age of the second month, the plants are planted in a permanent place of growth.

They plant 4 plants per 1 square meter, it is recommended to tie them to a support. Leave only 2 stems: one is the main one, the other is formed from the stepson. From the bottom, the leaves are removed to the first sinus. They are planted in open ground in early June. Care consists in timely watering, loosening and removing weeds. In order to grow additional roots, it is recommended to huddle tomatoes. When fruiting begins, you cannot fill them with water so that the fruits do not deteriorate.

Reviews of gardeners

Among the many varieties of Ale, there is a tomato that all tomato lovers should try to grow. Basically, everyone who grew it was satisfied: I like the quick ripening of tomatoes, good resistance to many diseases, taste and fleshy texture.

Also, these tomatoes are good for canning, because the skin is thick and does not crack when flooded with hot brine.

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