Ways to harvest strawberries for the winter without sugar

Ways to harvest strawberries for the winter without sugar

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Strawberries, or garden strawberries, are delicious and valuable berries that grow in every garden. It comes from wild, or wild strawberries, differing from the latter in large sizes. The season of this fragrant berry is short-lived, fresh this tender source of vitamins and minerals is stored for no more than a week. And I want to enjoy it all year round! There are many ways to harvest garden strawberries for the winter without sugar, some of which will be discussed.

The benefits and nutritional value of strawberries

The taste of strawberries is hard to overestimate. It contains a record amount of vitamins C, A, B, it is rich in potassium, iron, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and other trace elements. It also has a lot of fiber, pectins, organic acids, etc.

For proper nutrition, it is also important to know how much sugar is in strawberries. This berry is rich in fruit sugars with a predominance of disaccharides useful for the body - 2.2 g per 100 g. The total carbohydrate content in it is low - 6-7%. Therefore, it is rightly considered a diet berry with high dessert properties.

Some characteristics regarding the nutritional value of strawberry blanks for the winter are presented in the following table.

Type of workpieceNutritional content in g (per 100 g)Calories (per 100 g)
Fresh berryproteins - 0.3, fats - 0.3, carbohydrates - 7.732 kcal
Jam (jam) with sugarproteins - 0.3, fats - 0.1, carbohydrates - 74.0285 kcal
Jam without sugarproteins - 0.3, fats - 0.1, carbohydrates - 10.045 kcal
Driedproteins - 0.2, fats - 0.2, carbohydrates - 59.0 (14% of the daily norm)289 kcal
Candiedproteins - 0.4, fats - 0.3, carbohydrates - 37.0150 kcal
Frozenproteins - 0.7, fats - 0.4, carbohydrates - 9.029 kcal

As you can see, dried strawberries are the highest calorie (not counting jam with sugar). It has the most carbohydrates. This is, in fact, a strawberry concentrate that needs to be soaked before use. This product is used in small quantities.

Strawberry harvesting recipes without cooking

There are several options for harvesting strawberries without cooking: it can be frozen, sugared, dried or dried. Then all its useful properties are preserved.

How to freeze strawberries for the winter

Frozen strawberries

Berries with tails are washed and dried. Then they are put in bags, tied and sent to the freezer. It is important that no air is left in the containers. It is best to use bags with fasteners (ziploki). To obtain individual berries that are not frozen together, they are stacked on trays and placed in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Then transferred to ziploki and returned to the cold.

You can pre-wipe strawberries before freezing in mashed potatoes. And then - do everything according to the above recipe.

Candied strawberries

Per kilogram of berries, 500 g of sugar and the juice of one large lemon are needed. We chop the washed and dry berries with a blender. Add lemon juice to them. Then pour it with sugar, mix thoroughly and let it brew for two hours, so that the sugar dissolves. We put the finished product in sterile jars.

Strawberry Drying

There are different ways of harvesting berries, each of them fully preserves their taste and unique properties.

In the oven

The washed and dried berries are cut into slices, placed on a baking sheet and sent to the oven heated to 60 degrees for 40 minutes. Then they are dried on the windowsill or in another place, laid out on trays. It is important that the sun gets there.

In the air grill

The berries, prepared as in the previous case, are laid out on a steamer or a large lattice. Usually about 1 kilogram of fruit is placed at one time, and their output is about 300 grams. To better remove moisture, you need to insert a toothpick. Drying takes place at a temperature of 65-70 degrees and takes 2 hours.

In the dryer

Prepared berries are cut in 5 mm slices and laid out tightly on trays (0.3-0.5 kg is placed on one). Such trays may be 5-9. This process is lengthy: it takes 14 hours. At the exit, strawberry chips are formed, their weight is only 10% of the initial weight of fresh berries.

Canned Strawberry Sugar Free

There are also recipes for cooking jam, jam from these berries of high dietary value without sugar.

Strawberries in their juice

Pour the prepared berries into a sterile jar and place it in a water bath. As they shrink, add the berries until the strawberries completely settle (after 15 minutes). We twist the jars and turn them over to cool.

Strawberry jam

For 2 kg of berries you need: a glass of apple juice, juice of half a lemon. We prepare the prepared berries in a bowl for jam, let the containers warm up a little on the stove, then add the juice and, stirring, cook for 10 minutes. Next, set the container aside for several hours. The cooking process is repeated 3 times. We put the finished jam in sterile jars and roll it up. Turn them over to cool, and then put them in storage.

This jam is not only delicious, but normalizes blood pressure, positively affects the functioning of the brain and nervous system. When cooking in one step and adding dissolved agar-agar in water, you can get jam.

Strawberry jam with honey

For a kilogram of strawberries, 2 cups of honey, 1 apple, lemon juice are needed. Cooking sequence:

  • berries are crushed in a blender;
  • peel and rub the apple;
  • Strawberry puree, honey, apple and lemon juice are mixed and boiled in a pan for 15 minutes;
  • spread in containers, let the jam cool and put in the freezer.

We also offer you to read an article that talks about the technology and options for making red currant jam.

Features and shelf life

Strawberry blanks should be stored in a cool place for no more than a year. Otherwise, their nutritional value is reduced. A frozen product must not be frozen repeatedly: it loses its quality.

  • Dried strawberries are well preserved in a place inaccessible to sunlight and pollution. It should be placed in cloth bags and stored in a suspended state for ventilation. The worst enemy of "drying" is the mole. Therefore, in the storage room you need to use special products from harmful insects. It is also necessary to periodically check bags with dried berries, separating spoiled ones.
  • Strawberry chips can be stored in a normal room in a glass container. To remove possible condensation, a paper towel is placed under the lid of the container.
  • Rubbed strawberries are best stored in the basement or in the refrigerator.
  • In the freezer, jam is stored for six months. And the started container must be kept in the refrigerator.

How to Cook Strawberry Jam with Chocolate

Strawberries prepared for the winter can please you with their unique taste and aroma all year round. Such berries (especially without sugar) are no less useful than fresh ones. They can be used for various desserts, compotes, and strawberry jams and preserves are an excellent treat for children and adults in autumn and winter evenings.